How Did Light Yagami Die

If you are a fan of action-based classical animated featured series, Death Note is the must-watch for you. You will be amazed by watching this suspense-related content.

Every new episode of this show was full of each character’s thrilling activities and actions. And one of them was Yagami 

Now though Yagami was a brute and a serial killer, then how did Light Yagami die suddenly? This was a big shock to the audience. 

Well, that’s only because Yagami’s name was written on a death note by Ryuk. 

To know the further details about Yagami’s sudden death, be with this writing till the end. 

Let’s get started.

How Did Light Yagami Die

Light Yagami Is A Name Of A Handsome Devil

The most remarkable part of this show was Yagami’s death. Before knowing his death, who does not know about this character yet, let me clear you in a short. 

Light Yagami is the name of the main lead character of this historical Death Note. As per the manga, Yagami was a very decent and intelligent student. His gesture was so nice to others that his actual attire was not easily recognizable.

Truth Of Death Note And Yagami’s Death

Yagami found the death note at his school ground. The actual instructions of the mysterious death note were, when a name will be written on that, that person will surely die. 

He started killing people with the name of Justice. But people of his region tagged Yagami’s killing activities as the work of “Kira”.

In the beginning, he killed some people from his curious mind but day by day, he became a monster serial killer. By doing this, sometimes innocent people were killed by him. 

From the edge of the series, we were able to know that Yagami killed approximately 124,925 people. According to Ryuk, how many times this death note will be used, the amount of time the user will have to experience in return. 

Actual Reason Of Light Yagami’s Death

At the start of this writing, I have already mentioned how Yagami died. From some perspective, it can be said that, though he was a brave serial killer, he should not have died.

But in the end, he finally died. When he was shooted, Ryuk was writing his name on a death note. That’s why he must have died as per instructions of the death note.

Each one has to die today or tomorrow, it’s a universal truth of nature. Nobody can change or deny this fact never. 

From that point of view, Yagami’s death was also certain like others. On the other hand, he did lots of crimes in his life, for that reason, he has to be punished after his death.

Ending note

Death Note is a complete package of excitement and dreadful contents. If you do not have much time to watch the full series, then you can enjoy this epic manga story in movie form. In both ways, you can feel Yagami’s action-based performances with a thrilling atmosphere. 

Watching this one will be a great experience to make your weekend night enjoyable.

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