How Did Gyomei Die in Demon Slayer?

Among all the characters of Demon Slayer, Gyomei is the most prominent one. Do you want to know how did Gyomei die in this manga series, Demon Slayer? If you want to, then this article is for you. 

Gyomei Himejima was killed by the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. Gyomei was the potential character of this manga series. He joined Demon Slayer Crops to save humans from demons. 

Now, I’m going to give you the most incredible information about Gyomei’s death. I can say definitely, you will enjoy this article. So, let’s start exploring this article.  

How Did Gyomei Die in Demon Slayer

Who was Gyomei Himejima 

Gyomei Himejima was the main supporting character in the Demon Slayer series. He was a member of Demon Slayer Crops. 

As a consequence, Gyomei was the Strongest hashira in this manga series. Also, he was the stone pillar of Demon Slayer Crops. 

Gyomei was raised in a temple with some orphaned boys. Since his childhood, he was the bravest boy in his village. When demons attracted his temple as well as the village, he showed his incredible strength and power. 

At that time, he defeated the demons and saved all village people. After some time, Gyomei joined the training of the Demon Slayer corps. He successfully passed and became a member of Demon Slayer Crops. 

Abilities of Gyomei Himejima

The Abilities of Gyomei Himejima 

Gyomei had the most magnificent power and abilities which proved that he was the most powerful hashira in Demon Slayer Crops. He had the powerful sword, Bright red Nichirin. 

Despite being blind, Gyomei could go to a transparent world, a magical world. The power of his hearing was excellent. He could hear the crystal clear sound of everything. 

Gyomei could move speedily of his unbelievable speed and reflexes. His spiritistic stamina and endurance helped him a lot while he was in a battle. 

In consequence, his intellect and judgmental abilities were superb. For this, he could make instant decisions correctly.  

Who was Muzan Kibutsuji 

Muzan Kibutsuji was the main antagonist of Demon Slayer. He was the Demon King. Hence, Muzan was the leader of the Demon organization. 

Also, he had several spiritistic superpowers which made him the most powerful demon in this manga series. As a result, it was very difficult for Gyomei to defeat Muzan. 

Gyomei Himejima’s death

The most powerful and strongest hashira, Gyomei died while fighting with the most powerful King of demons, Muzan Kibutsuji. Muzan’s action against Gyomei Himejima was inhuman.  

Gyomei defeated Kokushibo very well. As a result, he had several wounds. After defeating the demon, Kokushibo, he was able to fight with the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji. 

That fighting was very difficult and vigorous. Gyomei’s action was very impressive. At least, Gyomei was able to destroy Muzan’s head. He took his last breath while Muzan died. 


In summary, Gyomei was the great Hashira in Demon Slayer. The fact that helped him a lot in defeating Muzan was Kids did not believe him. Kids thought that Gyomei could not save them against Demons. As a consequence, it gave him strength.

Currently, I hope you have gained your desired answer from this query: how did Gyomei die. Stay connected for getting more facts about Demon Slayer. 

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