Genya Shinazugawa Death In Demon Slayer

Have you read the 179th chapter titled ‘The end Will Be In Alubarna’ of the manga series Demon Slayer? This chapter is called feelings for the elder brother, feelings for the younger brother. If your answer is yes, then this article will be interesting for you! 

Genya Shinazugawa was the main supporting character in Demon Slayer. The saddest moment of this manga and anime series was Genya Shinazugawa death. Hence, he was killed by two demons. 

Genya Shinazugawa Death 

The depicted occurrence in this anime and manga series was Genya Shinazugawa’s death. In this article, we will reveal some interesting facts about Genya Shinazugawa life. 

Also, you will know the appearance, abilities of Genya as well as how Genya Shinazugawa died throughout this discussion. So, let’s start our discussion about Genya Shinazugawa. 

Genya Shinazugawa Death

About Genya Shinazugawa 

Genya Shinazugawa was the brilliant Demon Slayer in Demon Slayer Crops. Also, he was a member of Hashira. In Demon Slayer Crops, he was the Wind Hashira. 

His father’s name was Kyougo Shinazugawa and his mother’s name was Shizu Shinazugawa. The name of his younger brother was Sanemi Shinazugawa. 

Sanemi Shinazugawa was Wind Hashira in Demon Slayer Crops. Both two brothers were the strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer Crops. 

Appearance of Genya 

Genya was a short man in this anime and manga series. He was 16 years old. His height was 180 cm and his weight was 76 kg. However, he continued his hairstyle with a buzz cut. 

When he joined Demon Slayer Crops, he changed his outfit. The color of his uniform was dark olive green. Genya was a muscular man. Hence, he had lots of scars all over his body. 

Abilities of Genya Shinazugawa

Genya had enormous abilities which were very surprising. He was capable of overpowering. After consuming the live flesh of a Demon, Genya gained lots of tremendous powers throughout it. 

Genya Shinazugawa had domenic transformation. On the battlefield, Genya ate Kokushibo’s hair. After this, his demonic abilities increased. In contrast, he got upper four and one empowerment. 

Moreover, he could do repetitive actions which were taught by the strongest Demon Slayer, Gyomei Himejima. His fighting style was expert marksmanship. 

In spite of eating flesh and cells of two of the strongest demons Kokushibo and Hantengu, Genya had developed his Blood Demon Art power. 

The Performance Of Genya Shinazugawa On The Battlefield 

The performance of Genya Shinazugawa on the battlefield was very dangerous. The fight became very strong. If Genya did not appear on the battlefield, then Himejima as well as Sanemi would defeat the fight. Because Genya blood demon art was very powerful.  

His main weapon was a short nichirin katana. And for this, he was able to kill demons without blades. Genya always used this proficient sword while fighting on the battlefield. He defeated several demons before. 

Genya Shinazugawa faced two battles such as the swordsmanship village arc as well as the infinity castle arc. Also, he joined these battles with several Hashira. Afterward, he tried hard to protect Demon Slayers from the demons. 

Battlefield of Swordsmanship Village arc 

In this battle, Tanjiro Kamodo, Nezuko Kamado, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Genya Shinazugawa fought against the antagonist of the swordsmanship village arc, Hantengu. 

Genya defeated  Sekido with his bullets but he failed to defeat Karaku. Meanwhile, Genya refused Tanjiro’s advice. As a result, he was preparing to decapitate Karaku. At that time, Geyna was attacked by two demons. 

Battlefield of Swordsmanship Village arc

How Did Genya Shinazugawa Die 

Genya Shinazugawa was killed in a battle which was a swordsmanship village arc. After being attacked by two demons on the battlefield, Genya could not save himself. 

Those two demons became four demons. At that time, Hantengu stabbed Genya through his chest. For this, Genya got injured heavily. When Aizetsu came to attack Nezuko, Genya shot him in the head. 


To conclude, Genya Shinazugawa died at the end of this manga and anime series. Towards the end of this series, it was very pathetic. 

Genya helped other Demon Slayers a lot after getting injured badly on the battlefield. This manga chapter ended with Genya’s smile. If you are an anime fan of this series, then your confusion might be clear about Genya Shinazugawa death. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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