Eren Yeager Death

Eren Yeager was the protagonist of the animated series Attack On Titan who later turned into an antagonist of this series. In fact, Eren was most viewed as the ultimate hero of the franchise. 

But Eren Yeager death was very pathetic. You can say it was the most tragic story of this anime series. 

Eren Yeager was killed by his lover Mikasa Ackerman on the battlefield. And there are lots of facts you have to know about the reason for Eren’s death.

 Eren Yeager Death

Eren Yeager death 

The theme of Eren Yeager’s death came with a few questions which were very interesting. As a result, this article will tell you in detail about the circumstances of Eren Yeager’s death. 

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The character of Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager was the main leading character of this series. In fact, he was a potential member of the Survey Corps. In addition, Eren was a very powerful soldier of the 104th Training Corps. 

Eren’s father was Grisha Yeager who had tremendous Titan power and abilities. As a result, Eren Yeager was the successor of Titan’s power and abilities. 

Eren Yeager’s powers and abilities 

Eren Yeager had tremendous powers and abilities. Also, he had immense strength and durability.

The other abilities of Eren Yeager are as follows: 

Martial Art 

The martial art was very useful when massive combat happened between humans and Titans. At that time, soldiers tried to attack Titan by using martial arts. 

Eren was a master of martial arts. In 104th Training Corps, Eren Yeager was the best scorer of martial art which was hand-to-hand combat. And also, this skill gave Eren a powerful strength. 

Titan’s abilities 

As an heir of Titan’s form, Eren could transform himself into a Titan form. He had three Titan forms such as  Attack Titan form, Pure Titan form, and Founding Titan form. 

For this, he was the owner of Titan’s power and abilities. At a young age, Titan’s power was expressed. 

Eren could beat anyone because of Titan’s abilities. In contrast, he was more powerful than a Titan.  

Vertical maneuvering equipment 

Eren Yeager knew very well which equipment he should have used in a critical situation. He was the preceptor for balancing equipment and body. 

Eren Yeager did not show his equipment skill to other members of the Survey Corps. In addition, Eren was able to kill Titans perfectly.  

Structural hardening 

Eren obtained the power of War Hammer Titan. By eating Lara Tybur, he gained this power. 

As a consequence, Eren could create protective pikes and caltrops. Afterward, Eren Yeager was able to create numerous solid structures. 

How did Eren Yeager die? 

In the war for paradise arc, Eren Yeager died. Killing Eren’s Titan form was the mission of the Special Operation Squad. In this mission, Mikasa Ackerman was the head. 

On the battlefield, Mikasa Ackerman went to behead Eren Yeager’s Titan form. After that, Eren was no longer alive. 

Was Mikasa Ackerman Eren’s enemy?

Mikasa Ackerman was not Eren’s enemy. In fact, Mikasa was the lover of Eren Yeager. They fell in love with each other when they were young. 

Eren could do everything for Mikasa. Since his childhood, Eren always tried to protect Mikasa. On the other hand, Mikasa had feelings for Eren.

Why did Mikasa Ackerman kill Eren Yeager’s titan form?

A female Titan ate Eren Yeager’s mother in a tragic disaster which was the Fall of Wall Maria. After that, Eren had been able to know that some of his friends were Titans. 

For taking revenge for his mother’s death, Eren transformed himself into a Titan. After that, Eren killed Marleyans. He was mad at that time. 

To stop Eren from killing the Marleyan, Mikasa killed Eren Yeager. 


Eren Yeager death happened at the end of this anime series Attack On Titan. Eren Yeager turned himself into a Titan form only to save humans. 

But his intention was not bad. Indeed, after transforming into the Titan form, he lost his senses. 

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