Eren Yeager Age

Every character of Attack On Titan illustrated magnificent abilities. Eren Yeager was one of them. In fact, he is everyone’s favorite character. 

You will be surprised after knowing Eren Yeager age.  Because Eren did a lot of things at his younger age!

Eren Yeager was only 15 years old. Luckily, he was very active since his childhood and he was a quick learner as well. 

 Eren Yeager Age

Eren Yeager age 

If you want to know some incredible facts about Eren Yeager, then this article is for you!

From this article you will know about Eren Yeager’s personality, Eren Yeager’s family, and how old was Eren Yeager. 

So, Stay tuned with us to know some interesting facts about Eren Yeager’s age. 

The character of Eren Yeager 

The main leading character of Attack On Titan was Eren Yeager. Eren Yeager illustrated his incredible strength while fighting. In fact, Eren gained 5 ranks in this anime series. 

Eren was the potential soldier of the 104th Training Corps. In addition, he was a member of the Survey Corps and Special Operation Squad. Amazingly, Eren was the heir of Titan’s powers and abilities. 

Eren Yeager personality

The personality of Eren Yeager was great. He was very passionate. As a result, his determination was very strong and no one could influence his willpower. 

Eren cared deeply for his friends. He could do anything to protect his friends and family. Besides, Eren greatly loved the other soldiers of the 104th Training Corps. 

Eren’s Jaeger family 

Grisha Jaeger was the father of Eren and Carla Jaeger was his mother. His father was a doctor of Eldian. Carla was the second wife of Eren’s father. 

Eren had a stepbrother. His name was Zeke Jaeger. By profession, Zeke Yeager was the captain of Marley’s Warrior Unit. 

How old was Eren Yeager? 

By 850, Eren Yeager was 15 years old. Since his childhood, he was the bravest boy. However, Eren was raised in the Shiganshina District. He lived with his parents. 

In the year 854, Eren was 19 years old. At that moment, Mikasa Ackerman was kidnapped by three robbers. Afterward, Eren killed two kidnappers and protected Mikasa Ackerman. 


Eren Yeager has a great sense of humanity. In fact, he sacrificed himself to save people from Titans. Moreover, he was very strong-willed. 

Eren Yeager age was just a number. Because there was no reduction in his strength for his age.

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