Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date: Is It Confirmed Yet

Dr. Stone’s season 3 is coming in April 2023. The date has been disclosed at the Jump Festa 2023 event. Dr. Stone’s season 3 is called Dr.Stone: New World. It is a Japanese manga series.

This series is going to have 24 episodes which will adapt 56 chapters. Dr. Stone’s season 3 is going to be streamed on Crunchyroll.

Dr.Stone is basically a sci-fi adventure. This anime is an educational anime that excitingly teaches science. This anime has 2 other seasons Dr.Stone season 1 & Dr.Stone Season 2. The first season of this anime show is called Dr.Stone: Stone World & season 2 is called Dr. Stone: Stone Wars. 

The third season of Dr.Stone: New World is animated by TMS Entertainment. Season 1 & 2 was also animated by TMS entertainment. 

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date

What is the story of “Dr.Stone season 3”?

The third season of Dr.Stone: New World will cover the Age of Exploration Arc & Treasure Island Arc. This is going to cover chapters 83 to 138 of the manga. This season is going to start from where season 2 left off.

Dr.Stone Season 3 will convey the Empire of Might & the Kingdom of Science bonding to construct a ship together. They have an aim which is they want to reach the other side of the Earth in the desire of discovering whatever created humanity’s petrification.

By doing this, it will introduce its audience to new characters also with another post-petrification group.

This story is labeled as the Source of Petrification. The audience will find so many answers in this season. Moreover, a lot of new discoveries will be created by the Kingdom of Science. These discoveries will help them in their progress. 

The events of season 3 will proceed the plot ahead as it discloses the mysteries of their post-apocalyptic, petrified world. 

A short explanation of “Dr.Stone seasons 1 & 2”:

Dr.Stone- Stone World Season 1 was released on 5th July 2019. The first season of this anime has 24 episodes. Audiences can still watch dr.Stone Season 1 on HBO Max Amazon Channel, HBO Max, VRV, Funimation Now. In VRV, audiences can also watch it for free but with ads. 

 The second season of Dr.Stone- Stone Wars was released on 14th January 2021. The second season of this anime has 11 episodes. Also, Audiences can watch it on Netflix. 

In season 1 audience got to see that; 

After a thousand years, a mysterious occurrence takes place & it turns all of humanity to stone. A 16-year-old brilliant boy named Senku Ishigami, arouse. He is facing a mountain of stone & total collapse of civilization. 

Senku is a science-driven boy, so he decides to use science to reconstruct the world. Along with Senku Ishigami, his super powerful friend Taiju Oki also accompanies Senku at the same time. They both will start to reconstruct civilization from zero. 

In season 2, Senku requests a truce from Tsukasa in exchange for bringing back his sister Mirai whom Tsukasa learns is alive. Actually, with the help of revival-fluid, Senku’s sister Mirai is revived. After being freed by Yo, Homura collapses the miracle cave using dynamite. Also, Hyogma tries to kill Mirai. 

The real hero of this anime is Senuka Ishigami & the main antagonist of the series is Tsukasa Shishio. 

New characters of “Dr.Stone season 3”

In this new season, the audience will get to see some new characters. The new characters are 

  • Ginro.
  • Kinro.
  • Magma.
  • Ruri.
  • Chrome. 
  • Jasper.
  • Kaseki. 

The voice artists will remain the same as in the previous seasons. But, they haven’t announced who are going to be the voice artists of these new characters. Here we mentioned the names of the Japanese voice artists of the show.

The voice artists of “Dr.Stone season 3”

Voice artists nameCharacters name
Yusuke KobayashiSenku Ishigami 
Gen SatuoChrome
Kengo KawanishiGen Asagiri
Manami NumakuraKohaku
Makoto FurukawaTaiju Ooki
Keiji FujiwaraByakuya Ishigami
Kana IchinoseYuzuriha Ogawa
Mugihito Kaseki
Yuuichi NakamuraTsukasa Shisshiou
Karin TakahashiSuika

Awards & Recognition of “Dr. Stone”:

Dr. Stone’s Anime series won the 64th Shogakukan Manga Award for the Shonen category in 2019.

Will Season 3 of “Dr.Stone’ be as popular as seasons 1 & 2?

There is a high chance that season 3 of Dr.Stone will be popular. Because season 3 has a lot of new discoveries & new characters. So, it will be more interesting than both the previous seasons. 

Directors & other members of “Dr.Stone Season 3”:

Not only season 3 but also seasons 1 & 2 of Dr.Stone is directed by Shinya Iino. The scriptwriter is Yuichiro Kido & the amazing designer is Yuko Iwasa. 

Ratings of the episodes of “Dr.Stone season 1 & 2”:

Dr. Stone’s anime series has already been telecasted for 2 seasons. So, here we have tried to show the ratings of both seasons together. These ratings were given by the audience. This rating is based on thousands of votes from the audiences of the show & we designed it from best to worst. 

Episode namesAudience ratings 
Episode-24 Season-1- Voices over infinite distanceThis is the last episode of season 1 & this episode got 295 votes & 8.54 stars. According to audience ratings, this is the best episode in both seasons. 
Episode-11 Season-2-Prologue of Dr.StoneThis episode is from season 2 & this is the second-best episode among both seasons according to audience ratings. This episode got 197 votes & 8.40 stars. 
Episode-14 Season-1- Master of FlameThis episode got 286 votes & 7.94 stars. This episode is the second less attractive episode to the audience.  
Episode -6 Season- 2-Prison BreakThis episode got the least ratings among both seasons. This episode got 195 votes & 7.94 stars. 

All these ratings are done by the audience. But this anime series is one of the best anime series. Unfortunately, this Dr.Stone anime series is an underrated one.  


Dr. Stone’s anime is a tale of how the people of the Pre-petrification World make an effort to reconstruct civilization in the Petrification Age, the World of Stone.

In this whole reconstructing process the major role was played by a young boy Senku Ishigami & his friend Taiju Oki. 

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