Does Ryuk Die? Death Note

In the Death Note series, the most important shinigami figure was Ryuk. This series created a massive devoted fan base who are still asking about Ruyk’s death such as does Ryuk die? 

Ryuk did not die in this manga series. He was the god of death. In consequence, Ryuk was a shinigami. 

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Does Ryuk Die

Who Was Shinigami 

In the death note series, a shinigami was a grievous character who was a creation of dreakness. A shinigami made by the king of the shinigami realm, 

The Old Man. 

Basically, a shinigami was the god of human death. Taking human life was their only motto. In consequence, they had numerous abilities. 

Death Notebook 

Death Notebook was a book of Death. It was a magical book. If anyone got this, they had numerous abilities instantly. Afterward, the owner of Death Notebook could kill anyone easily. 

For killing a person, the owner of Death Notebook had to write his name. This Death Notebook belonged to a shinigami.

Could A Be Shinigami Killed? 

No one could kill a shinigami. Even Death Notebook could not kill a shinigami. Guns, bombs as well as other weapons could hurt a shinigami. Shinigami seemed immortal in this manga series. 

But, a shinigami could die in one way. if a shinigami saved a human life whom he loved, then he would die. Because he was not created to save human lives. 

However, the maximum shinigami did not know that there was a way for them to die. Usually, shinigami did not like humans. They just love to take human lives.  

Characteristics of Ryuk 

In Death Note, Ryuk was a character of shinigami. He was very dangerous by looking. His body was very large. 

His skin tone was mixed blue-gray. Also, he had straight spiky hair which made him horrible.

Does Ryuk Die?

Ryuk did not die in Death Note. he had a very selfish motive. Also, he just loved himself. As consequence, he was not bothered by anything. His fun and enjoyment were the most important things in his life. 

Ryuk felt very bored in the shinigami realm. So, he dropped the Death Notebook for his enjoyment. He wanted to see what would happen with the Death Notebook. 

Then, he found Light Yagami. Ryuk just used Light Yagami. He played a game with Light. Hence, he never loved Light Yagami. Moreover, he liked Light but he did not have any emotions toward Light Yagami. For that reason, he never saved Light’s life. So, he would never die. 


To conclude, in this manga series Death Note, the character of Ryuk was immortal. He was very intelligent as well as talented shinigami in the shinigami realm.

This article should surely be very helpful for clearing your concept about this question: does Ryuk die? I have gathered a lot of information to give you an appropriate answer. 

I have exciting news for you. Ryuk will be the opponent character in Death Note season 2. Let’s wait for season 2.  

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