Does Near Die In Death Note? Who Killed Near?

Who is your favorite detective in this anime series Death Note? If I guess right, then I must say, recently you have fallen in love with the detective Near. Well, I have also fallen in love with Near too. Afterward, you may have a question about Near. And it may be: does Near die in Death Note? 

In the manga series Death Note, Near did not die. Near was the most intelligent detective for finding a new Kira. In consequence, he was the key figure in Death Note. 

Now, stay connected with us for knowing some enthralling facts about Near. 

Does Near Die In Death Note

Does Near Die In Death Note: All The Important Facts

All the Death Note lovers have a great passion for the character Near. And the most-talked query is about the death of Near.

Did he really die in this series? Let’s explore the answer.

Who Is Near

Near was the fictional character in this manga series. The real name of Near was Nate River. He was the youngest inheritor of L. In this series, he played an antagonistic character against Light Yagami. 

Near raised in a Wammy House which was an Orphanage. Consequently, his behavior was very peculiar from his childhood just like L. He loved to eat chocolate bars. 

Near Abilities 

Near was the most talented as well as brilliant investigator. He loved to solve puzzles since his childhood. Hence, he tried to find out every problem very strategically. 

Maximum time Near spent his time playing games with his toys. He used his theories by using toys. Therefore, He was a very expert in the investigation. Near could solve any difficult case. 

Near always believed himself. According to him, he could do anything. Nothing was impossible for Near. And eventually, this superpower made him famous.

Moreover, he loved himself the most. Also, he never believed anyone’s opinion about what was right or wrong. In his opinion, if he thought it would be right, then it’s right and if he thought it would be wrong then it’s wrong. 

Does Near Die In Death Note 

Near did not die in Death Note. In this manga series, he was alive. He took the position of L, an investigator. 

Hence, he was capable of taking the position of L by inheritance. After all, he claim that there was no one who could take the L’s position. L was the greatest detective. 

How did L die 

A shinigami, Rem killed L. Rem was Misa’s shinigami, he cared for Misa a lot. Misa loved Light Yagami a lot. On the other hand, Light Yagami wanted to know the real name of L because L knew that Light was a new kira. 

For this, Light blackmailed Rim for writing L’s name in the Death Notebook. After that, L died of a heart attack. After L’s death, everyone tried to find a new finest detective who could take L’s position. 

How did Near take the L position? 

Therefore, Near introduced himself as L’s youngest heir. Since his childhood, he showed great respect for L. He had intelligence similar to L. 

When Roger found Near in a Wammy House, he told everything about L’s defeat. At that time, Near is committed to taking revenge for L’s death. Also, he did everything for this. 

What Was The Ambition in Near’s life? 

The ambition of Near’s life was to be a great detective in this world. Near wanted to do what L could not do. He always found out the greatest way to identify Kira. 

Surprisingly, he was the leader of SPk, the greatest group to find a new Kira. Near wanted to identify L’s killer. This was the goal of his life. 


In conclusion, everyone should have their own thinking ability. They should believe as well as love themselves the most. Indeed, it is the biggest fact to create your own identification. 

Near’s behavior was very peculiar which assisted to gain him huge popularity. Anyone who has watched this manga series Death Note definitely will fall in love with the character of Near of the unique characteristics of his nature. Now I hope you have clear concepts about this query, does Near die in Death Note?

I have exciting news for you all, especially those who love Near the most. The character of Near will be the main protagonist in Death Note season 2. So, let’s keep waiting for the new season. 

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