Does Misa Die In Death Note

Who is your dearest female character in the Death Note animation series? If you ask what is mine, then I must say it is and will always be Misa. Hence, I have always been mesmerized by this character. Also, I’m pretty sure that Misa is your favorite character also. 

Then, you must have a lot of questions about Misa’s life. One of the questions will surely be, ‘Does Misa Die in Death Note?’ And the answer is yes. Misa dies in Death Note.

Now, you may ask why Misa died. Well, to answer all of these questions, you have to stay with us.

So, let’s begin. 

Does Misa Die In Death Note

Who is Misa 

Misa was the most dexterous character in the Death Note anime series. In this anime series, she was a famous model. Hence, she was a very attractive young lady. 

She was a short girl with long, straight and blonde hair. Moreover, she had attractive eyes. Also, her dresses were always very fashionable. 

Did misa have any abilities?

Misa had a Death Notebook. This was a magical book. If you write anyone’s name into this book, they will definitely die soon. Moreover, Misa had a shinigami eye which was very powerful. 

After getting this eye, she could tell anyone’s name by seeing his/her face. When she used her shinigami eye, her eyes turned a bright red color. 

So, Misa could kill anyone easily. Also, finding out anyone’s name was an easy task for Misa. 

What Made Her Exceptional?

Misa had magical powers and also a magical notebook. But she didn’t forget her morality, which was humanity. After hearing Light’s motive, Misa supported him. 

This motive was to cleanse the world of evil. Also, Misa helped Light so that they could make this world beautiful. This thought made Misa exceptional. 

The Relationship Between Light And Misa 

Light was the main protagonist of this anime series. Light and Misa had a relationship. Misa loved Light Yagami a lot. 

Misa could do everything for Light. Moreover, Misa thought that Light was her life. Indeed, she wanted Light for her entire life. 

Did Light love Misa? 

Light didn’t love Misa, truly. Hence, Light just loved himself more than anyone. He just used Misa for his own benefits. Because he wanted to know the real name of L. 

Somehow, the world-famous detector, L, knew that Light was a kira. After this, he wanted to reveal Light’s face towards society. But L did not find any strong proof against Light. 

That was why Light wanted to know L’s real name eagerly. However, Light knew Misa’s power very well. Light created a good relationship with Misa so that he could find out the real name of L. 

Does Misa Die In Death Note?

Now, here is your question, does Misa die in Death Note? The answer is yes, Misa died in Death Note. 

Misa committed suicide. Now, you may ask the question, how did Misa die? Well, Misa wrote her name in her Death Notebook. During that time, she finished her lifespan by using her own hand. 

Also, she chose Valentine’s Day for her death which was 14 February. This mysterious Death Notebook took her life.    

What Happened to Misa?

Light wanted to be shinigami. For this, Light had to die because no one can be shinigami without dying. Hence, Light became shinigami in his afterlife. The reason for Light Yagami’s death was the Death Notebook in this anime series. This book took his life. 

However, Light Yagami meant everything to Misa. Misa loved light from the deepest core of her heart.  After hearing Light’s death news, Misa was very frustrated. Hence, Misa was in deep distress that she did not want to live life. 

Misa thought without Light there was nothing for her. Hence, She did not want to live and make her life beautiful without him. Her mental condition was not good. After all, she committed suicide. 


In Nutshell, the love story of Misa was one-sided. Misa’s love for light was true from the very beginning. Also, she sacrificed her life for her one-sided love. 

Now, the question, ‘does Misa die in Death Note’ ishould be clear for you. In this manga series, this was the saddest story.  

Keep your eye on us for knowing more amazing facts about this manga series.

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