Does Light Die in Death Note

Have you watched this manga series Death Note? Then, who is your dearest character in this series? If I’m not wrong, then you are a fan of Light Yagami, right? Come on, I am also a dearest fan of Light Yagami  

Now, you may ask, does Light Die in Death Note? Well, the answer is yes. Light Yagami died in Death Note to fulfill his biggest dream. Hence, his dream was to make this world peaceful by erasing criminals. 

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Does Light Die in Death Note

Light Yagami

Light Yagami was the main protagonist in the Death Note series. In this anime series, Light was the most modest boy in his town.

Hence, he was brilliant and talented. Moreover, he was the class topper in his school. Every teacher in his school loved him a lot.  

A Shinigami 

In Death Note, a shinigami was a supernatural, creation of darkness, a helper of humans, magical character. Hence, a shinigami had numerous abilities. 

A person could be shinigami in his afterlife. In this manga series, no one could be a shinigami while s/he was alive. 

The Death Notebook 

Death Notebook was a magical Notebook in this animation series. The theme is those whose names are written in this book will die. Also, if the book owner wants to kill someone, he can write the person’s name into this book. 

There is a condition: the owner has to remember the person’s face. After that, the person will die soon. So, the book owner can kill anyone easily through this book. 

Does Light Die in Death Note 

Light Yagami died on Death Note. he died on January 28 in 2010. However, he didn’t go to hell or heaven after his death. 

The morality of light was very strong. He wanted to help humans from high professional criminals. Also, Light wanted to make this human world beautiful after removing all criminals. Hence, he wanted to be the helper of humans. 

For this reason, Light wanted to be a shinigami. After becoming a shinigami, he would have supernatural powers as well as magical powers. Then, he could help people from criminals easily. For this biggest reason, he sacrificed his life.  

How Did Light Die 

The Death Notebook took Light Yagami’s life. The previous owner of Death Notebook, Ryuk, wanted Light’s death from the very beginning. Also, he wanted to make light a new shinigami.  

Hence, he wrote Light’s name in the Death Notebook. After that, Light died of a heart attack on January 28 in 2010. 


In Nutshell, the virtue of light was great. After death, Light became a shinigami. Hence, he was never selfish. Moreover, he didn’t forget humanity after getting numerous powers and abilities. 

Now, I hope you have been clarified this question, ‘does light die in Death Note’. Indeed, Light Yagami was the true hero in this manga series. He has taught us a great virtue which is humanity by this animation series. 

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