Does Light Become A Shinigami

The greatest gospeler in this Death Note anime series was Light Yagami, a genius teenage boy. The writer of this manga story, Tsugumi Obha illustrated the character of Light Yagami very well. 

Does Light become a shinigami? Yes, Light became a shinigami in this animation series. Surprisingly, he sacrificed his life for achieving a great motive. 

Read this article carefully to explore an interesting story about the reason for his being a shinigami.

Who Was Light Yagami 

Light Yagami was the main leading character of this animation series. He was the most talented and brilliant boy in this manga story. Also, he was the class topper in his school. 

Moreover, he was polite as well as a gentleman. At that time, Light was the modest boy in his town. 

Light Become A Shinigami

Who Was Shinigami

In Death Notebook, shinigami was a supernatural inhuman spirit. A shinigami was a monster, a helper of humans, a creation of darkness, and so on. 

If anyone wanted to be shinigami, he had to collect the Death Notebook. Shinigami belonged to the Death Notebook. 

The 2nd rule was after getting the Death Notebook, no one could be shinigami when he was alive. If he wanted to be shinigami, he had to die. He could be a shinigami even in his afterlife. 

Does Light Become a Shinigami? 

Light Yagami became a shinigami in this manga series. Once, he got a Death Notebook. This was a magical book in this manga series. 

The owner of this book could kill anyone after writing s/he name into this book. Also, he (the owner of the book) had to know their name and face. 

After getting this Notebook, Light was very inquisitive about this book. Hence, he went to Ryuk to find the previous owner of this book. He wanted to know everything about this book. 

How Did Light Become A Shinigami?

When Light got the Death Notebook, he had some power instantly. At that time, he could kill anyone by using this Death Notebook. Moreover, Light wanted to get all of those supernatural powers which were called the power of shinigami. 

After knowing everything about a shinigami, he understood that he would never be a shinigami if he were alive. For this, he sacrificed his life. The Death Notebook took his life. 

After dying, he became a shinigami in his afterlife. Hence, when he became shinigami, he got numerous abilities, superpowers, and magical powers.  


In this manga and anime series, the main twist was becoming a shinigami of Light. Light transferred himself into shinigami for achieving his great motive. 

Light became a shinigami for his humanity. Hence, this was his great motive to serve all humans, also, save humans from criminals. After all, he wanted to make a beautiful human world after destroying all high professional criminals.  

In a nutshell, the virtue of Light was great. He became a monster and a creation of darkness, as a shinigami to save humans. I must say you will enjoy this anime series the most. 

So, happy watching.

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