Does Levi die in Attack On Titan?

Among the all characters of Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman was the most powerful and strongest soldier in this anime series. In fact, he came from the Ackerman clan. 

The most-talked question about Levi Ackerman is, does Levi die in Attack On Titan? From this article, you will get a chance to know the answer. 

Levi Ackerman got seriously injured. But luckily, He was alive at the end of this animation series. 

Does Levi die in Attack On Titan

Does Levi die in Attack On Titan? 

The story of Levi Ackerman’s life was very interesting. We will talk about the character of Levi Ackerman, Levi’s physical structure, did Levi survive, Levi’s abilities, and so on throughout this article. 

So, be in touch with us. 

The character of Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman was the leading character of Attack On Titan. In fact, he was a captain of the Survey Corps. As a result, Levi was known as Captain Levi. The Survey Corps had the most powerful soldiers who were very skilled.  

Levi Ackerman was a leader of the Special Operation Squad. In addition, It was an elite squad of the Survey Corps. 

The physical structure of Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman was shorter than other characters in Attack On Titan. Besides, he had gray eyes with a dark circle. He was a muscular boy. For this, Levi’s body was well-developed. 

Levi was physically fit. As a consequence, Levi was very expert at using vertical maneuvering equipment. Nobody could understand Levi’s thinking because he was very calm. 

Levi Ackerman’s power and abilities 

Levi Ackerman had unbelievable powers and abilities. For this, he was undefeatable, unbiased, and unbeatable. Moreover, he was very intelligent. 

Rest of his power and abilities were- 

Superistic strength and durability

As a strong muscular man, Levi Ackerman had immense physical strength. As a result, he was a master at using the equipment. 

For his tremendous strength and durability, Levi could defeat his opponent very easily. 

The power of the Ackerman clan 

Levi was the son of Kuchel Akerman. Kenny Ackerman was his uncle. Indeed, Levi Ackerman was the heir of the Ackerman clan. 

Levi had all the power and abilities of the Ackerman clan. For this, he knew very well what decision he should take in a critical situation. 

But Levi Ackerman could not transform himself into a Titan form. In fact, he could use the power of Titan in his human form. 

Sword-wielding power 

Since his childhood, Levi knew very well how to hold the sword. His uncle Kenny Ackerman gave a lesson on knife-wilding. In addition, he was the master of the reverse grip technique. 

Levi Ackerman was capable of rotating attacks. Also, he was able to utilize spinning. 

Thunder spears 

Levi Ackerman did not like to use thunder spears abilities. When a surprise attack on Raid On Liberio happened, he did not carry thunder spears properly. 

How did Levi Ackerman get juries?

In season 4 in part 2 of Attack On Titan, Levi Ackerman was injured very badly. Levi Ackerman was wounded by thunder spears. 

In this season, Levi Ackerman had overthrown  Zeke Yeager. Afterward, he wanted to bound him up with thunder spears. But he could not do this. In contrast, thunder spears impaled Levi’s stomach. 

Luckily, Zeke Yeager was not injured. If Zeke moved a little bit then thunder spears cut his half body. 

Did Levi Ackerman survive? 

Surprisingly, Levi Ackerman survived. After that, Levi and Zeke were driving in a forest by a cart. They were very wounded by bursting thunder spears. For this, they fell down to the ground. 

Levi Ackerman lying down on the grass which was near the river. At that moment, a bound Hange along with Flock and Yeagerists found Levi’s body. Flock wanted to check Levi’s pulse. 

After checking Levi’s pulse, Hange told everybody that Levi Ackerman was dead. In contrast, Hange tried to escape with Levi. For this, he lied to everyone. 


I hope you sacrificed your mind after reading this article on does Levi die in Attack On Titan. 

In fact, Levi struggled a lot to survive. Levi Ackerman was alive in this animated series Attack On Titan because of Hange. Hange saved Levi’s life. 

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