Does Levi Become A Titan?

The series Attack On Titan is a world-famous dark fantasy Japanese animation series. Titan is the hottest topic among the fans of Attack On Titan. And in this series, the most prominent character was Levi Ackerman. 

Therefore, fans are maybe very excited to know about the theme does Levi become a Titan. 

In this series, Levi Ackerman did not become a Titan due to his clan. Moreover, he had no Titan forms. He was the successor of Titan’s powers and abilities. 

Does Levi Become A Titan

Does Levi become a Titan? 

As an heir of the Ackerman Clan, Levi was the most strongest and powerful human who could defeat a Titan easily. 

But now the question is how could Levi defeat Titan? And after that, a question will arise, “did Levi Ackerman was a Titan?” 

Come on, let’s find out all those questions’ answers. 

The character of Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman had killed the most numbers of Titan. He killed approximately 200 Titans. In fact, Levi was the captain of the Survey Corps. 

Later, Levi became the leader of the Special Operation Squad. This Squad was known as Squad Levi. 

Levi was raised by his uncle Kenny Ackerman. Kenny Ackerman gave every lesson of the fight to Levi. As a result, he had been a strong fighter since his childhood. 

Levi’s physical features 

Levi Ackerman was a short man. He had short straight hair. His hair color was black. The eyes color of Levi was gray. 

Maximum time, Levi wore a Survey Corps uniform. The Survey Corps uniform was light gray colored with his trademark white ascot. 

Among the several scars on Levi’s face, he had scars in his right eye. 

Did Levi Ackerman belong to the Ackerman clan?

Levi was the son of Kuchel Ackerman. His uncle Kenny Ackerman and his mother were siblings. 

They belonged to the Ackerman family. For this, Levi Ackerman was the inheritor of the Ackerman clan. 

As an inheritor of the Ackerman clan, Levi had Awakened power since his childhood. 

Levi’s abilities and power 

Levi was the owner of tremendous powers and abilities. For his abilities, Zeke Yeager was afraid on the battlefield. He was no less than Titans. 

Levi’s abilities and powers are as follows:- 

Super strength and durability

Levi had spiritistic strength. Also, he was an expert at vertical maneuvering equipment. He was a master of this. 

Levi’s body had heavy muscles which increased his strength. His durability was amazing. As a result, he could defeat his opponent easily. 

Levi was the strongest warrior in the Marley army. He moved so fast which made him strong in combat. 

Sword Wielding technique 

Levi Ackerman always fought with the right sword. His blade was very sharp. In fact, he always followed the reverse grip technique. 

Kenny Ackerman taught him knife-wielding technique very beautifully. At a young age, he learned how to take a blade in a reverse grip. 

Thunder Weapon 

Levi Ackerman used thunder spears vigorously. He never seemed to favor using this. While fighting with Zeke Yeager, he used thunder spears. 

After turning Levi’s soldiers into Titans, Zeke escaped. 

Did Levi have Titan’s abilities?

Levi Ackerman had Titan’s abilities in his human form. He had Eldian’s blood which was connected with Ymir. In fact, Levi was the protector of Eldian’s king. 

Besides Titan’s abilities, Levi had more powers. As regards, Levi knew very well in a critical situation what had to do. 

Would Levi Ackerman ever be a Titan?

Surprisingly, Levi Ackerman was the inheritor of nine Titans forms. As a result,  he was able to apply Titan’s abilities without transforming into any Titan’s form. 

If Levi wanted to transfer himself into any Titan form, then he could not. Because Ackerman could not be a Titan. In contrast, he was more powerful than a Titan. 


Levi Ackerman was bound with his heritage. After fighting a lot in his life, he reached a very powerful position. In this anime series, Levi had a great sense of humanity. 

After reading this article on does Levi Ackerman become a Titan very patiently, I hope you might not have any confusion about Levi as a human. 

Stay connected with us for knowing more interesting untold stories about Levi Ackerman. Before that, stay safe. 

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