Does Levi Ackerman Have A Sister?

The most interesting character who had unbelievable strength in the animated series Attack On Titan was Levi Ackerman. The role of his family was very important to make him special in this series. 

Let’s know about Levi’s family at a glance. Then, you may even ask about this query: does Levi Ackerman have a sister? 

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Does Levi Ackerman Have A Sister?

Does Levi Ackerman have a sister? 

As the oldest powerful soldier of the Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman’s life had so many secrets which were revealed in this anime series later. 

In fact, some things were not revealed in this series. Now, we will present some staggering facts about Levi Ackerman which were related to his family. 

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The character of Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman was the leader of the soldiers in the Special Operation Squad. Special Operation Squad was the elite group of the Survey Corps. 

Levi was the captain of the Survey Corps. This Corps had the strongest soldiers who worked for humanity.  

Before his Survey Corps life, he lived in the underground city. His uncle, Kenny Ackerman taught him every technique of fighting. 

Consequently, he got every skill that he needed to survive. Later, this skill was very helpful in joining the Survey Corps. 

Levi Ackerman’s family

Levi was the son of Kuchel Ackerman. Kuchel Ackerman was his mother. By profession, Kuchel was a prostitute. She lived in the underground city. 

Kuchel Ackerman got pregnant by one of his clients. As a result, Levi was born. At that moment, Levi Ackerman used to live with his mother. 

When he was young, his mother died. After that, Levi Ackerman was raised by Kenny Ackerman. Kenny Ackerman and Levi’s mother were siblings. 

Ackerman clan 

Ackerman clan was an Eldian’s family. They lived in the Walls. Also, the Ackerman family was the protector of Eldian’s king. 

On the other hand, they were warriors by their bloodline. Surprisingly, Ackerman was more powerful than Titan. 

Levi’s abilities 

Levi Ackerman had tremendous abilities and powers. Levi Ackerman was the best for using vertical maneuvering equipment. 

Every soldier in the Corps and Squad knew it very well. Levi was an expert at utilizing every piece of equipment after losing several fingers of his hand. 

Levi had immense strength. He never felt tired. In addition, his body was physically fit and he had strong muscles which made him stronger. As a consequence, he could defeat his opponents easily. 

On the other hand, Levi could make thunder spears. For his thunder spears, Zeke Yeager out of his Beast Titans form. 

Awakened power 

As an inheritor of Ackerman, Levi had Awakened power. For this power, he was capable of using the nine Titan form’s power without becoming a Titan. 

Levi knew exactly what he should do in a critical situation. He was very expert at using Titan’s abilities and powers. As a consequence, Levi killed around 200 Titans. 

Did Levi have any siblings?

Levi had no siblings. Unluckily, Levi did not know his biological father’s name. In this anime series, Levi was the only son of his mother, Kuchel Ackerman.

Later, Levi Ackerman found out that Mikasa Ackerman was his cousin. Mikas’s father Ackerman, was Kuchel Ackerman’s uncle. 

Kuchel and Kenny Ackerman’s grandfather would have more than one son, which was Ackerman. Consequently, Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman were relatives. 

How did Levi know that Mikasa was her cousin? 

Levi and Mikasa had the same surname. Once Levi and Mikasa were talking about the Ackerman family. At that moment, Levi told Mikasa about the power of the Ackerman clan. 

After that, Mikasa said that same power she felt strongly sometimes. Also, this power felt Levi and his uncle as inheritors of the Ackerman clan. 

At that moment, they realized that they were cousins. For this, Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman had Titan’s powers and abilities. 

Both heirs of the Ackerman clan, Levi and Mikasa had great humanity. Surprisingly, they could sacrifice themselves to save humans. 


The story of his birth was very painful. After joining the Survey Corps, Levi was widely known as the strongest human soldier. 

Levi’s fans would have known numerous interesting facts about Levi via this article on does Levi Ackerman have a sister. After knowing the truth about Mikasa, Levi saw Mikasa as her cousin. 

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