Does Levi Ackerman Die?

Among the all characters of the animated series Attack On Titan, the most powerful character was Levi Ackerman. Levi Ackerman belonged to the Ackerman clan. 

After watching this series, the fans of Levi Ackerman may have this query which is “does Levi Ackerman die in the last season?” 

Luckily, Levi Ackerman did not die at the end of this series. But in season 4, Levi was seriously injured.


Does Levi Ackerman Die

Does Levi Ackerman die 

The life of Levi Ackerman was very mysterious in this series. In his life, he had fought many battles for survival. 

Surprisingly, You will know some interesting facts about Levi Ackerman such as Levi’s powers and abilities, what happened to Levi Ackerman, was Levi alive, etc through this article. 

Stay connected with us for exploring Levi Ackerman’s alive story. 

The character of Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman was the leader of the Special Operation Squad. For this, Special Operation Squad was known as Squad Levi. 

Levi Ackerman was the captain of the Survey Corps. The military of the Survey Corps joined Titan combat. Levi was the strongest warrior of this Corps. 

Levi did not like to show his emotions to others. His sense of humor was excellent. In fact, Levi had made a special place in the mind of his commander. 

Levi Ackerman loved his subordinates a lot. For his strong sense of morality,  he made a great place in the minds of his subordinates. 

Levi Ackerman’s abilities

Levi Ackerman had supertistics abilities. Of all the abilities, some abilities he got from birth such as Awakened power. Rest of his abilities were- 

Awakened power 

As an heir of the Ackerman clan, Levi was able to use Titan’s powers and abilities. This was a dormant power. With this power, he knew what he should do in a critical situation. 

For his awakened power, Levi Ackerman killed approximately 200 Titans. Levi proved himself that he was capable of processing the gigantic Titan’s abilities. 

As a result, Levi defeated Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan form successfully. Zeke was the strongest warrior of Marley. 

Supertistic strength and thunder spears 

Levi Ackerman had incredible physical strength. Also, his body was fit and he had muscles that made him very strong.

Levi used his thunder spear powers when he fought against Armored Titan. When he used this power, it became a thunderous sound. 

Vertical Maneuvering equipment 

Levi was very expert at using any equipment. His blades were tremendously strong. In fact, he was able to utilize every piece of equipment. 

Before joining the Survey Corps, He was extremely strong. Levi Ackerman knew this equipment technique since his childhood. 

What happened to Levi Ackerman?

In season 2 of Attack On Titan, Levi Ackerman was wounded badly by a thunder spear. On the battlefield, he tried to bound Zeke with a thunder spear. At that moment, a thunder spear impaled his stomach. 

This thunder spear created a dangerous situation for Levi. If Zeke moved his neck too much, then Levi’s body would have split in two by thunder spear. 

After some time, Levi and Zeke were driving in a forest with a cart. Also, the spear was running behind them. At one point, the spear was bursting. Levi was wounded badly by this bursting spear. 

Zeke fell down speedily from the top of the grass. After that, Levi had no sense. 

Was Levi Ackerman alive?

After bursting the spear, Levi was lying near the river on the grass. Levi’s body was covered with his blood. Yeagerists and abound Hang with flock discovered Levi’s body. 

Hang told everyone that Levi was dead. Meanwhile, the flock wanted to check Levi’s pulse. 

At that moment, Zeke awoke and showed his body without clothes to Yeagerists. On the other hand, Hang took advantage of this opportunity. Hange escaped with Levi. 

Yeagerists noticed this suddenly and shot at Levi. Unfortunately, Levi and Hang escaped successfully. 

Actually, Levi Ackerman did not die at that time. Levi’s life was saved because of Hang. 


After struggling so much in life, Levi Ackerman successfully won several battles. Levi Ackerman was the oldest member of the Survey Corps. 

Now, we can say, the fans of Levi Ackerman might have enjoyed this article on does Levi Ackerman die. Stay with us for knowing interesting facts about Levi Ackerman. 

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