Does L Like Misa?

Have you watched this Death Note animation series? If You have watched, then, definitely, you will be confused about the relationship between  L and Misa. 

Does L Like Misa? Surprisingly, you will have this question after watching a few episodes of this animation series.  Hence, in this anime series, there was not any clear statement about L and Misa’s relationship. But to some extent, L liked Misa.

Now, I will tell you some interesting things about the relationship of L and Misa. 

So, let’s start. 

Does L Like Misa

Character of L

The real name of L was L Lawliet. Professionaly,  Lawliet was the most talented detective in Death Note anime. In-person, he was very mysterious as well as intelligent. 

In this series, L hid his name and he kept his information private.  Moreover, he received huge popularity for catching high-profile criminals. 

Character of Misa 

Misa was a famous model as well as an actor in this animation series. Hence, she received a superpower Death Note book from a shinigami (Rem). After getting this mysterious book, Misa could kill anyone after knowing their name as well as face. 

However, Misa had a magical power. She could know anyone’s name automatically by seeing his face. After all, Misa had the ability to  kill anyone easily. 

How Did Misa Get Acquainted With L 

Light knew very well about Misa’s power. For this, he maintained a good relationship with Misa. Moreover, Light manipulated Misa to know the real name of L.

L already knew the truth that light was a kira. On the other hand, L was very desperate to search to prove that light was kira. Hence, he (L) wanted to show the real face of light among the society. 

At that time, L got acquainted with Misa. L knew Misa was Light’s girlfriend. 

Does L Like Misa? 

Yes, L liked Misa. But, L didn’t love Misa. After knowing Misa, L didn’t know about her power of her. Basically, L wanted to continue a good relationship with Misa so that he could gather strong proof against the light. 

From the beginning, L had a secret crush on Misa because Misa was a very beautiful lady. When L and Light were close friends, L said to Light, ‘how lucky you are! You have a beautiful girlfriend’. At that time, L thought that Light and Misa were in a relationship. 

However, L felt jealous of Light and Misa’s relationship. L had a quiet interest in Misa. Surprisingly, Misa hugged L. After that, L blushed a lot.   


Both L and Misa were fictional characters in this manga series. The relationship of this character was very interesting. 

I hope you have clarified this question, does L Like Misa?. L likes Misa so much. Hence, he secretly wanted a relationship with Misa. Moreover, he enjoyed Misa’s company. 

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