Does L Die In Death Note? You Will Find Details Here

Are you in episode four of the famous series Death Note now? Then, episode five of the Death Note series will be very interesting for you. In consequence, you will have a query: does L die in Death Note? 

Well, yes, L died in the Death Note in the fifth episode. Let’s explore more to find out the reasons for L’s death. 

Does L Die In Death Note: All important queries

The fans of the Death Note series become crazy when queries come about the character of L. Thus, the most-talked queries are L’s Death related such as  Does L Die In Death Note, how did L die, what was the reason for L’s death, and so on.  

So, let’s dig deep into this content for knowing anything about L’s death. 

Does L Die In Death Note

The Relationship Between Light Yagami and L

In this manga series, L and Light Yagami were very good friends. Maximum time they spent playing games. 

Their interest and choice about anything were almost similar such as they liked the game cat and mouse. Therefore, they were both talented and intelligent.  

But in reality, they were not friends. They were enemies of each other. Also, they knew very well about their true intentions. 

What Was The Goal Of L’s Life? 

L was the famous detective in this anime series. He caught several of Kira in his entire life. There was no case that was impossible for him to solve. 

The goal of his life was to prove that Light Yagami was a new Kira. After investigation, L knew that Light Yagami was a new Kira. He was able to understand that Light Yagami was a serial killer.

Afterward, he desperately wanted to expose Light in front of society. But he did not find out the clue against Light Yagami. For this reason, it was the biggest goal in his life at that time. 

Does L Die In Death Note

In this manga series, L died in episode 5. Light Yagami and L were very good friends in front of each other. Hence, L liked Misa a lot. Though Misa was Light’s girlfriend. But L had a very good friendship with Misa. Also, he had a secret crush on Misa.

Misa was the key to L’s death. Misa had a shinigami eye. A shinigami, Rem always protected Misa. Rem killed L to protect Misa.  

What Was The reason For L’s Death 

Light Yagami understood the true intention of L that he (L) wanted to disclose to Light. Hence, Light Yagami tried to find L’s real name. Because Light wanted to kill L. 

But he couldn’t because he did not have the real name of L. When Light could find the real name of L, then he would write L’s name into the Death Notebook. It was his plan. 

To make his plan successful, he continued a good relationship with Misa. Because Misa had shinigami eyes. With this power, she could know anyone’s name by seeing his face. In consequence, Light wanted to know L’s name from Misa. So, Light was the reason for L’s death. 

How Did L Die

In Death Note, Light blackmailed Rem for writing L’s name in the Death Notebook. Light created a situation that was dangerous for him and Misa. 

He told Rem that he would never stop if Rem did not write L’s name in the Death Notebook. On the other hand, Misa told Rem not to warn Light. Because Misa loved Light a lot. 

So, Rem wrote L’s name in the Death Notebook. At that time, L died of a heart attack. 

Where Did L Go In His AfterLife 

L would go to heaven or hell in his afterlife. Rem, a Shinigami, did not take his soul into the shinigami realm after his death. 

So, there was no possibility of him becoming a shinigami. 


To conclude, Every character in this manga series Death Note is very famous and popular. Out of the many, the character of L has gained more popularity for his diverse actions in this series.

So, the biggest question of L’s fans is: does L die in Death Note? I think, after going through this article, you have got your desired answer.

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