Does Eren Love Historia?

Who would not love this amazing character Historia Reiss in the anime series Attack On Titan? She was the most beautiful queen of the Wall!

In this animated series, Eren Yeager and Historia were very close friends. For this, every fan of Historia Reiss has this query: does Eren love Historia?

Well, the answer is a big No. Eren Yeager did not love Historia. On the other hand, Eren Yeager did not hate Historia. 

Does Eren Love Historia?

Does Eren Love Historia

The relationship between Eren and Historia was very confusing. If you do not observe this very carefully, then you will not understand the true facts of their relationship. 

So, now one matter may create confusion: what kind of relationship does Eren and Historia have? Let’s explore this query together along with knowing some mysterious things about them. 

Who was Eren Yeager?

Eren Yeager was the main actor in this anime series. He was a very talented and intelligent soldier of the 104th Training Corps. 

Not only that, but he was also a member of the Survey Corps. At that time, he was a more powerful human who had numerous abilities. 

Who was Historia Reiss?

Historia Reiss was raised by a Reiss royal family. Also, she was the child of a nobleman, Rob Reiss. But the childhood of Historia was very pathetic. She saw her mother’s murdered. 

Historia joined the 104th Training Corps with her new identity, Krista Lenz. She was also a member of the Survey Corps. After that, she claimed her Reiss heritage. 

Historia Reiss’s appearance 

Historia was a tiny beautiful girl in this anime series. The color of her hair was blonde and her eyes were blue. She had big eyes and long hair. 

Historia was a shy and humble girl. Surprisingly, she could die so that people could remember her. 

When Eren kissed Historia 

When Historia had her coronation ceremony, Eren Yeager kissed her hand. Then, he saw that his father slaughtered Historia’s family.

Eren was able to see because his father, Grisha, was related to the Reiss family. After this, he was skillful to see his entire future by kissing Historia’s hand. 

What kind of relationship do Eren and Historia Reiss have?

Eren cared a lot about Historia. Eren Yeager and Historia used to respect each other a lot. The relationship between Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss was just friendship. 

Eren was Historia’s classmate. Historia was a genius girl for Eren. In fact, Eren had a soft corner for Historia Reiss. 

While Eren was very frustrated about his Titan form, at that time, Historia said his Titan form was good for eating Titan. For this, Eren could save humans. 


The most important priority of Eren’s life was humanity. Meanwhile, Eren Yeager and Historia were just good friends, nothing else in this animated series. 

So, you might have cleared your confusion throughout this article: does Eren love Historia. A common characteristic among them was humanity. In fact, they never compromised anything with humanity. 

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