Does Eren Hate Mikasa

The director of the animation series Attack On Titan made every season interesting and mystifying. After watching every season of this series, anime fans must think about this theme: does Eren hate Mikasa?

Well, Eren did not hate Mikasa. In fact, he sacrificed his life for Mikasa. Eren was the person who loved Mikasa Ackerman a lot. 

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Does Eren Hate Mikasa

Does Eren Hate Mikasa 

This series created so much confusion about the relationship between Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager. What is your opinion regarding this query: does Eren hate Mikasa? 

If you have confusion like me, then undoubtedly your confusion will be cleared after some time. 

The Main Protagonist, Eren Yeager

In this series, the main leading character was Eren Yeager who had incredible powers and abilities. In fact, he was the most powerful as well as the strongest soldier in the 104th Training Corps. 

Later, Eren used his Titan form. Specifically, he was the heir of pure Titan form, attack Titan form, and so on. He got this power from his father, Grisha Yeager. 

The character of Mikasa 

Mikasa was the second protagonist in this animated series. She was an officer of the 104th Training Corps. Also, she was a member of the Survey corps. 

The only mission in her life was to save people from Titans. Since her childhood, Mikasa loved to lead a peaceful life. 

Mikasa’s Personality 

The personality of Mikasa was amazing. She was very kind-hearted. In fact, she always loved children. 

Mikasa was a very caring girl. She cared deeply for her friends and her protector, Eren Yeager. 

How Did Eren Know Mikasa 

Eren Yeager knew Mikasa when he was a child. At that moment, he was nine years old. The saddest story happened with Mikasa. Her parents were murdered by three robbers. 

Meanwhile, three robbers kidnapped Mikasa Ackerman. Eren Yeager was the only person who saved Mikasa and took her into his house. After this incident, they became very good friends. 

Did Eren Hate Mikasa?

Eren Yeager did not hate Mikasa Ackerman at all. In fact, Eren deeply cared for Mikasa. He thought that without him, Mikasa would fall in danger. For this reason, Eren never left Mikasa Ackerman.

Eren always stayed with Mikasa like her protector. Unbelievably, Eren never expressed to Mikasa how much he loved Mikasa. He just showed his feelings to Mikasa. 

The most incredible thing was that Eren sacrificed his life to give Mikasa freedom. He never did a thing that was harmful to Mikasa. Moreover, he did everything for Mikasa. 


Both characters Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman were love birds. They could sacrifice their life for humanity. Sadly, Mikasa Ackerman killed Eren’s Titan form to save humans.  

In addition, Eren sacrificed himself without thinking about anything. Because it was good for everyone and Mikasa. 

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