Does Eren Die Attack On Titan

Have you watched the anime and manga series Attack On Titan? Then, what character is your favorite? If I’m not wrong, then Eren Yeager is your all-time favorite Character. 

In fact, when I watched Attack On Titan, the role of Eren was my favorite. Surprisingly, you may want to know: does Eren die in this anime series? 

Sadly, the answer is yes, Mikasa killed Eren. Eren Yeager sacrificed his life for humanity. In addition, he sacrificed himself to save his friends’ lives. 

Does Eren Die Attack On Titan

Does Eren Die

Eren Yeager was the main gospeler. In this manga and anime series Attack On Titan in season 4, Eren Yeager died. 

By reading this article, you will be able to know about did Eren want to die, was Eren evil, how Eren Yeager died, did Eren love Mikasa, and so on. So stay connected with us. 

Character of Eren 

Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of this anime series. He was a member of the Survey Corps. Later, he joined the 104th Training corps. In profession, he was a soldier. 

Eren was a young boy. In this anime series, he was 15 years old. He had tremendous abilities and powers such as the power of the Titan, Attack Titan, martial arts, and so on. 

Eren was the owner of three Titans’ power. In fact, he was the inheritor of Founding Titans. Also, he achieved World Hammer Titan. 

Who was Mikasa?

Mikasa was the 2nd main leading character in this anime and manga series Attack On Titan. She was the softest as well as a warm-hearted girl who was leading her life happily with her family. 

After her parents’ death, she made herself strong. Then, she started her career as a soldier of the 104th Training Corps. She achieved a great position in the Training Corps as an officer.  

Moreover, she was a member of the Survey Corps. In fact, she saved so many lives. She was the great soldier in this anime series. 

Was Eren evil? 

From the first season of this anime series, Eren was not evil. He was a great soldier of the 104th Training Corps.  After completing training from the Training Corps, he discovered his spiritistic powers. 

Surprisingly, Eren was the great antagonist of this anime series in the last season. Later, Eren became a Titan. As a result, a lot of his close friends died. As the inheritor of the Founding Titan, he could see the future when he touched his hand. 

Did Eren love Mikasa?

Eren loved Mikasa so much. Though the relationship was not open, they loved each other secretly. Eren told his feelings to his sister. 

Eren proved several times how much he loved Mikasa. In fact, Eren was ready to do everything for Mikasa. 

How Eren Yeager died

When Eren Yeager was young, he saved Mikasa from kidnappers. Eren Yeager was always against the Titan on the battlefield. Sadly, his mother was killed by a Titan. After this, he was very aggressive to take revenge. 

As a result, Eren Yeager transformed himself into a Titan.  On the other hand, Mikasa stood against Eren on the battlefield from the side of the Special Operation Squad. In fact, she was assigned to kill him in the final moment. 

In the final moment of the battle, Mikasa cut Eren Yeager’s head. By killing Eren Yeager, Mikasa freed herself. And also, she kissed Eren Yeager’s forehead as a final goodbye. 

Did Eren Yeager Want to Die?

After becoming a Titan, Eren Yeager was very sad due to his friend’s death. He noticed his friend was dying for him. In contrast, he did not want to harm his friends.

As a result, he sacrificed his life. His humanity was very strong in this manga series. He showed great humanity indeed. 


All fans of Eren Yeager became disheartened after hearing the death news of Eren. Nobody imagined that this protagonist would turn into an antagonist. 

Now I hope you have enjoyed this article on does Eren die? And also, the reason of this dexterous character Eren Yeager death has been revealed throughout this article. 

Stay connected with us for knowing more amazing things about Eren Yeager. Before that, stay healthy.  

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