Does Armin Die

If you have watched the anime series Attack On Titan, then definitely you know the greatest hero of this series. Yes, his name was Armin Arlert. In this article, we will have a discussion about a topic: does Armin die? 

Armin Arlert was alive in this animation series Attack On Titan. Although his body was scorched, he did not die.

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Does Armin Die

Does Armin die?

Through this article, you will know some untold stories about Armin such as Armin’s physical structure and personality, Armin’s Pure and colossal Titan form, power and abilities of Armin, and did Armin die in the animated series Attack On Titan, etc. 

So, let’s start. 

Who was Armin?

Armin Arlert was the 2nd protagonist of this anime series. Armin Arlert was the greatest man in the Survey corps. In fact, he was the 15th commander of the survey corps.

Unfortunately, Armin was not physically fit in the 104th training corps. Armin was the friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. They were childhood friends. 

Unbelievably, Armin got titan power and abilities from an Eldian Bertolt Hoover who had the ability to transform into a titan. Armin took this power after the battle of the Shiganshina District.  

Armin’s physical structure and personality 

Armin Arlert had an adolescent face. Also, he had no muscles. With his eyebrows as well as sideburns, he was very observable. His eyes color was hazel and his nose was small. 

From his childhood, his fascination was very deep. Armin used to read illegal books which were owned by his grandfather. Naturally, Armin was very curious. 

In his childhood, he always faced bullies from local people. In spite of this, he depended on Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager to protect himself. 

The Pure Titan form of Armin

Armin’s body was very small in his pure titan form. The color of his eyes was black and he had no lips. Besides, the length of his hair was very long. 

The incredible ribs of Armin were visible and the ribs arms were very thin. No one could measure the height of his ribs. 

The Colossus Titan form of Armin

The Colossus Titan form of Armin was very similar to the Colossus Titan form of Bertolt’s. This form had no skin. In fact, the height of this form was incredibly tall.

But his feet were very short and thin. Besides, he had muscular legs. Despite lacking cheeks, Armin’s teeth were shown. 

In addition, Armin had lips that were enclosed by some muscles. Without any visible ears, Armin heard everything. 

The powers and abilities of Armin 

Armin had tremendous power and abilities. He had an incredible power of deduction by his birth. For this, his strategic formulation was very amazing. 

Armin had a special ability to notice particular things. As a consequence, he was a field tactician. In the 104th training corps, Armin played a vital role in founding out all the opposed titan spies. 

As an owner of titan forms, Armin had abilities of titan. As a result, he could recover from lethal injuries easily. In fact, he could transform himself into titan form easily. 

Armin had the immense power of regeneration, steam emission, increased strength, and volatile transformation. 

Did Armin die in the animated series Attack On Titan? 

Luckily, Armin Arlert was alive in this animation series. In season 3 of Attack On Titan, Armin lured the Colossal Titan form of Bertolt. Armin wanted to release Bertolt’s energy for Eren. After that, Eren could abandon his titan form. 

When Armin went to lure Bertolt’s Colossal Titan form, his body was scorched by the steam of fire. As a result, Armin could not take breath properly. 

How was Armin Arlert alive? 

In the meantime, when Armin’s body was scorched, Levi Ackerman could save Armin’s life by giving him the Titan serum. 

Finally, Levi Ackerman gave the vile of titan serum to Armin. After that, Armin Arlert turned himself into a Colossal Titan. 


I am sure that as an Armin fan, you have enjoyed this article on does Armin die? After reading this article, Armin fans might not have any confusion about Armin’s death. 

Armin Arlert saved the lives of numerous characters in Attack On Titan. Overall, he will remain the greatest character of Attack On Titan. 

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