Did Light Love Misa

If you are watching the Death Note series, then definitely you will be confused about the relationship between Light and Misa.

Did Light Love Misa? Maybe you have this question after watching a few episodes of Death Note. Truth is, Light didn’t love Misa. The writer Tsugumi Ohba distracted fans about this topic. 

Do you want to eagerly know the real facts of their relationship? Then, stay with us to explore some interesting facts about Light as well as Misa. 

Did Light Love Misa

Who is Misa 

In Death Note, Misa Amane was the most famous model. Misa was a fictional figure in episode 25. 

Misa got a death notebook from Rem who was a shinigami. Hence, she received the power that she could kill anyone by knowing his name and face. 

Also, she had magical power. She could tell anyone’s name by seeing his face. For this power, Misa’s life fell into danger later.

How Did Miza Get Acquainted With Light?

One day, a small task for Japanese police including Light’s father wanted to arrest Kira. Their suspected light was Kira. 

A brilliant detective L wanted to get close to the light to know more things about him.  Hence, Light wanted to know the real name of L. At that time, Light was introduced with Misa. 

Did Light Love Misa

Did Light Love Misa 

No, Light didn’t love Misa. The love was one-sided Misa. Light just used Misa for using her power. 

After knowing the power of Misa, Light continued a good relationship with Misa. Light wanted to use Misa for knowing the real name of L. Moreover, Light wanted to murder L. Because L knew very well that Light was Kira. 

Hence, L eagerly wanted to see the light’s real face in society with proof. Moreover, Light manipulated Miza because Miza could aid Light. After all, Misa supported Light’s thought which was ‘make a peaceful society by erasing evils from the earth’

Overall, Misa fell in love with Light. But there was nothing from the Light’s side. 


Sometimes, we have to do a lot of things to save ourselves from unsafe situations. In the Death Note series, Light did the same thing. 

Light didn’t love Misa. In Death Note, Light loved himself the most. Overall, the fans of Death Note should have a clear answer to this question. He created a good bonding with Misa to fulfill his own motive. Though Light broke Misa’s heart but his purpose was good. 

Hence, the purpose of light was to cleanse the world of criminals which was true. He did everything to save the humans from criminals. 

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