Did Light Become A Shinigami

Death Note is a great successful animation series. It is one of the most famous Japanese manga series indeed.

In the Death Note series, Light Yagami was the greatest protagonist. The director of this series was Tetsuro Araki and the writer was Tsugumi Obha. 

In the Death Note, Did Light Become A Shinigami? Yes, after getting the Death Notebook, Light Yagami transformed himself into a shinigami which gave the main twist in that series. Light would be the new shinigami who would create a peaceful world. 

Let’s jump into this content to explore the reasons why Light became a Shinigami. 

Did Light Become A Shinigami

Who is Light Yagami

Light Yagami was a high school boy who lived in Tokyo. He could impress in this anime series with his intelligence at an early age.

He was a genius and a modest boy. In Tokyo, he lived like an ordinary boy with his family. Moreover, he had a very good reputation in his school. 

Who Is A Shinigami  

Shinigami is a mystical character. He is a supernatural inhuman person. Hence, he was like a God or servant of God to many people. 

On the other hand, Shinigami is a monster, as well as the creation of darkness.

In Death Note, Shinigami was a supernatural creature who protected humans from dangerous criminals. He was like a God to humans for saving their lives. Shinigami was portrayed as a mortal in the death note. Before dying a shinigami, Ryuk always created a newer one.

Did Light Become A shinigami? 

The light became a Shinigami in the Death Note. The light was more inquisitive, after finding a curious notebook that was dark black in color. From natural curiosity, he wanted to know everything about this mysterious notebook.

This was a magical notebook. Moreover, the owner of that notebook could kill anyone. He only needed to know the subject name and the face to kill.

For this, the owner of this book would get an extreme superpower. He would become a shinigami, eventually who would be a monster, creation of God, creation of darkness, helper of humans, etc.

Light went to Ryuk to find the previous owner (shinigami) of this notebook. The previous shinigami uncovered the truth that he dropped the book on earth to make the human world criminal-free. After all, he wanted to make this world peaceful.

Ryuk chose Light because he knew very well that no human could defeat Light’s morality. Light was the most talented boy in the human world. Hence, Light would follow God’s path. At the same time, Light could be a human God (Demi-God) in the new world. 

How Light Become A Shinigami

In Death Note, if someone got the notebook, then s/he could be a shinigami. But there was a rule that the person who wanted to be the shinigami, s/he had to die first. Then, s/he would become a shinigami in the afterlife. 

For this reason, Light became a shinigami in his afterlife. Light got numerous superpowers and magical powers when he turned into shinigami. Thus, he became unbeatable, unbiased, undetectable, unbreakable, and so on.

He had several magical swords for defeating criminals. In Death Note, Light wanted to be a Shinigami for killing the criminals. At first, he targeted the criminals who belonged to his own nation. After finishing them, he targeted international high professional criminals. 

Light wanted to make this world peaceful for humans. He thought that if he would become a shinigami in his afterlife, he could have helped the humans more. For this great reason, he transformed himself into a shinigami. 


The morality of this anime was to create a criminal-free world. After killing the high professional criminals, this human world would be beautiful and peaceful. 

Did Light become a shinigami? It was a very interesting story. When Light transformed himself into shinigami, he got numerous superpowers as well as magical powers. 

But he used his power in a good way. Always he destructed bad power. Overall, he became a God for humans. Moreover, he was determined to save humans from criminals. 

Everybody can reduce their boredom after watching this fantastic series. I am sure, anyone will enjoy this superb and mysterious animation series.

Stay healthy and happy watching.  

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