Death Note Season 2 Release Date

Currently, Death Note is the most popular anime series among teenagers. Death Note is about the perception of justice. In fact, the genre of this animation series is a mystery, psychological thriller, and supernatural thriller. 

Unfortunately, the Death Note season 2 release date is not published yet. In contrast, the production house, Madhouse has not canceled season 2 of Death Note.  But it is assumed that season 2 of Death Note is on the way. 

Be in touch with us to explore the mysterious story of Death Note season 2. 

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

Death Note season 2 Release Date

There are so many mysterious things that will happen in Death Note season 2. If you truly want to enjoy the animated series Death Note then this article is for you. 

Unluckily, if you do not watch Death Note season 2, then it does not matter at all. Surprisingly, you will get the whole concept of season 1 throughout this article. 

In addition, you will know numerous facts about Death Note season 2. And also, we can assure you that surely you will enjoy this article. 

So, let’s begin. 

Death Note 

The animation series Death Note comes from a Japanese manga series. This series is about a perplexing notebook which was called a Death Notebook. In fact, the story followed a character which was Light Yagami. 

Light Yagami wanted to make this world peace which would be criminal-free. For this, Light used this magical Death Notebook. 

The Death Notebook of the anime series Death Note belonged to Shinigami Ryuk. If anyone wrote a person’s name into this book then that person would die. 

But in a condition, he/she had to remember the face of the person they wanted to kill. In addition, it was a magical book. Moreover, there were approximately 23 rules in this book. 

This animation series started with the story of this notebook. 

Background of Death Note 

Death Note was published as a manga series, novel series, anime television series, anime television film, live-action, and video game. 

The story of Death Note was written by Tsugumi Obha. Also, Takeshi Obata demonstrated this series. 

The director of Death Note was Tetsuro Araki. Besides, Madhouse was the producer of this light novel-based series. 

On the other hand, Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi were the music directors of this anime. 

The characters of Death Note 

In the animated series Death Note, the main protagonist was Light Yagami. Light Yagami was the most enthralling character.

Moreover, L Lawliet, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Near, Mello, and Teru Mikami were the main leading characters of this series. 

From the Kira investigation team, the main character was Soichiro Yagami who was the father of light. Touta Matsuda, Shuichi Aizawa, Kanzo Mogi, Hideki Ide were the important members of the Kira investigation Team. 

Rem, Ryuk, Arma, and Beppo were the main leading shinigami characters of Death Note. In contrast, Rob Ross and Jack Neylon were the main characters in the mafia. 

Watari was the main character who came from Wammy House. 

Voice artists of Death Note 

The voice actors of Death Note were really amazing. They made every character so realistic. Brad Swaile is best known for voicing the character Light Yagami. In addition, the most powerful shinigami Ryuk was voiced by Brian Drummond. 

Alessandro Juliani gave his voice to L and Cathy Weseluck to Near. Also, the director selected Shanmon Chan Kent for Misa Amane. In fact, David Hurwitz gave his marvelous voice to Mello. 

The voice actor for the character Soichiro Yagami was Chirs Britton. Brian Dobson worked for the famous mafia character Rob Ross. 

We can say, every voice actor in Death Note was amazing. Surprisingly, they made every character live. 

Death Note season 1 release date 

Death Note season 1 was released from 3 October 2006 to 26 June 2007. 

Season 1 of Death Note had almost 37 episodes. Every episode ran approximately 20 minutes. 

What happened in the first portion of season 1 

In the first episode, Light Yagami discovered a mysterious death notebook. Light could kill anyone easily through this death notebook. 

But he needed to know the name of the person he wanted to kill. Also, he had to remember the face of that person. 

After that, he realized that the death notebook was real. Then, he decided to make this world crime-free throughout this book. On the other hand, a shinigami Ryuk controlled Light. Also, Ryuk dropped this book on this earth. 

The most powerful investigator L wanted to reveal Light’s face towards the world. As a result, L did a lot of things to catch Light. In contrast, L and Light were good friends. 

Moreover, Light used Misa to know the real name of L. because Misa had a shinigami who was Rem. Rem could tell anyone’s name after seeing their face. Light and Misa were in confinement in episode 16. 

After that, the murders continued and Light and Misa were released from custody.

The last portion of season 1 

In episode 19, Matsuda investigated the Yotsuba group. On the other hand, L’s team discovered that those who were troublesome to Yotsuba company, Yotsuba met with them secretly. 

The Yotsuba group wanted to know about the real name of L. For this, they hired Eraldo. Suddenly, a member of the Yotsuba group killed Matsuda. 

Light wanted to remove Kira from this world. As a consequence, Light told Mikasa to begin killing Kira. 

Furthermore, Near joined SPK as a new investigator. After joining, he searched the death notebook. In addition, Light wanted to find out about Mello and his associates. 

In episode 32 and 33, Kiyomi Takada was Kira’s spokesperson. For this, Light wanted to include Kiyomi in his mission. On the contrary, Near ordered Aizawa to watch Light. After that, Near met Light in the warehouse. 

In the last episode of season 1, Ryuk worte Light’s name in the death notebook. As a result, Light died. 

What will be the story of Death Note season 2?

The main issue of this 14 year old series is that Light and L both died at the end of season 1. Season 2 of Death Note will come with a completely different storyline. 

In Death Note season 2, the main protagonist Light will not remain the main protagonist. Light will become a shinigami. As a consequence, he will be the god of death. 

In Death Note season 2, a new protagonist will come. In addition, he will make this world beautiful without killing Kira continuously. 

The characters of season 2 of Death Note

L and Misa died at the end of season 1. Also, they had no chance of becoming a shinigami. Besides, the character of Ryuk will remain in season 2. Because Ryuk was immortal. 

The other characters who were shinigami such as Rem, Sidoh, Midora, King of Death,  will be shown in Death Note season 2. 

Sadly, the characters Mello, Kiyoma Takada, Watari, Matt, Raye Penber, and Soichiro Yagami died in the previous season. So, these characters will not be illustrated in season 2. 

Near will be illustrated in the next season of Death Note. In fact, it is hoped that Near will be the main protagonist in season 2. 


The numerous platforms have ranked Death Note. The most popular platforms are illustrated here. 

The IMDb ratings of this animated series Death Note is 9 out of 10. So, it has gained huge popularity in recent times. 

In Rotten Tomatoes, the audience gave 95% out of 100%. Moreover, Death Note got an 8.62 score in the Myanimelist. 

Awards and nomination 

In 2017, Death Note got the Tokyo Anime Award for notable entry in the TV category. Death Note was the winner of the Tokyo Anime Award for a best voice actor in the TV category in 2008. 

At the Scream Awards, Death Note received a nomination in the best foreign movie category. 

Social Media popularity 

Death Note is very popular on social media. In fact, Death Note has a verified Facebook Page. the name of its Facebook Page Death Note and it contains 737,998 followers. Also, 708,685 people like this Facebook page. 

There are several pages of Death Note on Instagram. But the most famous Death Note page on Instagram is @_deathnote. This page has 103k followers. 

The name of its Twitter account is @Death Note. This page obtains 30.9k followers. 

Facebook Page:

Instagram Page:

Twitter Account:


Is Death Note banned? 

Answer: For its graphic content, Death Note is one of the many manga/anime shows banned in China. 

Is Death Note inappropriate? 

Answer: This series is not for kids. Death Note is a mature adult swim anime. It illustrated a high school student who is a serial killer for making this world crime-free. 

Why is Death Note popular?

Answer: There are several reasons Death Note is widely popular. The central theme of this series is justice and punishment fitting the crime. 

Will Death Note have a season 2? 

Answer: The date of Death Note season 2 is not confirmed yet. 

Does Light become a shinigami?

Answer: Later, Light became a shinigami in this series. 

Is Ryuk a demon?

Answer: Ryuk is a demon of death. 

Who is taller, Light or L?

Answer: Light and L’s height is the same. 

What is the ending of Death Note?

Answer: Light Yagami died at the end of Death Note. It was the ending of Death Note. 

Who won Death Note? 

Answer: In season 2, the main protagonist J will win Death Note. 

Is Death Note the best anime?

Answer: Death Note is often held to be one of the greatest anime series of the past few decades. 


Definitely, season 2 of Death Note will be enjoyable. The main protagonist of season 1 will be the antagonist in the next season. In fact, the name of the new protagonist will be revealed in this season. 

It is expected that the animation studio Madhouse will make an announcement about Death Note season 2 release date soon. The fans of Death Note are early waiting for the new season of Death Note. 

Stay connected with us for more amazing news about Death Note season 2. Before that, stay healthy. 

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