Death Note L Real Name

Who is your favorite character in Death Note? Well for me, it’s L. Undoubtedly, he is the best detective character ever created in the animation world. And I am sure that you will agree with me after watching the anime.

Since his first appearance, L’s real name was one of the main attractions till his death. Although Lighte gave away his name to Light at the end, he managed to hide it pretty well even from his teammates. 

Now, if you want to know more about Death Note L’s real name, then keep scrolling.

 Death Note L Real Name

What Was L’s Real Name?

L used his nicknames to communicate with his teammates. He simultaneously used L and Ryuzaki and told others to call him by those names only. Although at the end, we came to know that L is actually his real name but Ryuzaki isn’t his name after all.

L’s real name was L. Lawliet. As we have seen, his real name was never revealed in the anime. 

In the guidebook Death Note 13: How to Read, L’s full name was mentioned as L. Lawliet.

What Is the Origin of L’s Real Name?

L’s real name L Lawliet is not a Japanese name, it is an uncommon French name. L doesn’t have a Japanese name because he wasn’t grown up in England. During his upbringing in Wammy’s house for gifted kids, L was influenced by France, Russia, English, and Japanese culture under the supervision of Watari.

That’s why his name is more European than Japanese.

How Did Light Know L’s Real Name?

The Death Note Light possessed would only kill a person if his real name was written on a Japanese date. So, from the very beginning, Light was looking for L’s real name to kill him with it, because L was continuously progressing with the Kira case. By killing L, Light wanted to do his job peacefully.

However, to keep him out of the suspicion, L threatened Misa’s Shinigami Rem to kill L. Rem had the Shinigami eyes that gave him the power to know anyone’s real name and life span with it. Although Rem lost his life for killing an innocent life, he still did that because he loved Misa.

Therefore, Light never knew L’s real name until L was dead. After his death, Light possessed two death notes. One his own and the other one was Misa’s. So after taking Misa’s Death Note, he learned L’s real name.


Even though revealing L’s real name was a climax in the story, it was never shown or mentioned in the anime. When L tried to convince Light that his real name was Ryuzaki, Light almost believed him and tried to kill her by writing the name on the Death Note. However, that never worked out. 

That’s why he used his girlfriend’s Death Note to find out L’s real name. 

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