Death Note L Death

The most shocking and disheartening moment for all death note fans is the moment of L’s death. Right after we saw some glimpse of his childhood and backstories, he died.

This moment was a turning point of the anime since most of the fans thought that the real identity of Light and Misa would be revealed by L.

In this article, we will talk about Death Note L Death. so, stay with us in the article if you want to know more.

Death Note L Death

How Did L Die?

The death note had a rule that states if the cause of death is not mentioned, the named person would die from a heart attack. L’s real name was seen by Shinigami Rem and she wrote L’s and Watari’s names only. 

Thus, L and Watari both died because of a heart attack. L died while talking to Light about the investigation. This episode was one of the most emotional ones as well. Because L wished to be good friends with light if they were not rivals.

In the end, L collapsed from the chair and landed in Light’s arms. L saw Light had an evil grin on his face and died. The light was delighted that he had won the game and defeated the world’s best investigator.

Who Killed L?

Light planned everything leading L to his unfortunate fate. Since Light was also a part of the Kira investigation team, Light knew what L was planning and also had an idea about L’s findings.

With their intelligence and high IQ, Light and Misa both managed to escape L’s suspicion for the first time. But since L got the Death Note of Misa by himself, he could understand a lot about the mass murders that Kira was the reason for.

That’s why Light manipulated Rem to kill L and Watari. L was only 25 years old when Rem took his life. 

Why Did Rem Die After L?

Ultimately, Rem had to vanish from the realm of death because of the rules. A Shinigami could only take the life of the people whose lifespan had ended. And if anyone took the life of an innocent person or tried to expand anyone’s lifespan using the Death Note, that Shinigami would vanish and cease to exist.

Shinigami Rem was madly in love with Misa. This was the only reason she cooperated with Light to kill L and save Misa. And at the end, gave up her life and turned into ashes.


Light thought that L was the biggest hindrance to reaching his goal. But even after he killed him, he couldn’t defeat L. L had this fate in his mind way before. So, he sent every important detail to his successor Near.

And to avenge L, Near came to Japan with his team. And assisted the Kira investigation team to find out who is behind the murders.  

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