Bofuri Season 2 Release Date And Story Plot

Maple & Sally are back with a new season! The Bofuri season 2 anime series has been released on 11th January 2023 & this season has 12 episodes. 

The Bofuri anime series is an RPG-themed comedy anime. It is a story about a girl named Kaede Honjou. 

However, this new season of Bofuri is available on Tokyo MX, BS11, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation & TV Aichi. Don’t worry, you can watch it on Crunchyroll. 

Bofuri Season 2 Release Date

What is the story of Bofuri season 2? 

The audience will be disappointed after hearing that the storyline of the second season of Bofuri is not revealed yet! The storyline is still a mystery. But, it can be said that the second season is going to cover the success of Maple in the game world.

Why has season 2 of Bofuri arrived?

Why not! The audience loved season 1 of Bofuri. It is a different type of anime show. Though it is a comedy-type series the audience got hooked on season 1 and what would happen next. So, it is obvious that season 2 of Bofuri had to come.

What happened in the Bofuri season 1? 

At the beginning of the show, Kaede Honjou & Risa Shiramine appeared.

Besides, Kaede Honjou is known as Maple & Risa Shiramine is known as Sally. Sally inspired Maple to play the NewWorld Online game & she started to play the game. Maple concentrated on placing down her game points to defense. However, she met Chrome & Iz in the game & when she ate the poison dragon she got her armor plate along with a weapon.

Moreover, this game had three events. In the first event of the game Maple won third place & then Sally also joined her to play the game together. They both investigated an Underground Lake Labyrinth & they won against another boss, after that Sally got her equipment.

In the second of the game, they both got a turtle & fox as their companions & they named them Syrup & Oboro. This event was a party-based treasure hunt. Here they fought with the high-powered ice bird boss. When the battle was over, they both flee & found a desert oasis where they met Kasumi. Then Kasumi challenged Maple & Sally. After a while, they both bought a treehouse & named it Maple Tree. 

In the last event of the game, Maple gained a new skill after confronting a boss in the church. Maple was lost in the Graveyard of Dreams & she again confronted another boss & gained the Machine God skill.

But what happened next?? What will happen to Maple & Sally? Now the major question is which events are season 2 going to cover. 

Let’s dive into the second season!

Who are the voice artists of Bofuri seasons 1 & 2? 

The most interesting fact is the voice artists in both seasons are the same & you won’t miss any familiar voices from season 1. 

List of the voice artists of Bofuri seasons 1 & 2:  

      Character’s Names:      Voice Artist’s Names:
RisaJas Saxton
KaedeMegan Shipman 
KasumiTia Linn Ballard
DorazouMonica Rial
KuromuAnthony Bowling
MaySara Ragsdale
AdministratorSonny Strait 
FredericaLindsay Siedel 
AdministratorLuci Christian
AdministratorBen Phillips 
AdministratorKaedo Hondo 
IzCaitlin Glass 
Dread Mike Farland
AdministratorDavid Wald 
AdministratorKylie Stewart 

Awards & Recognition of Bofuri: 

As Bofuri season 1 achieved audience love so it is obvious that this anime should win awards & Bofuri didn’t disappoint its audience. Because Bofuri has won three awards till now. This anime has the Favorite Slice of Life Award, Favorite Female Character Award & Fantasy or Magical Award. 

Social media popularity of Bofuri: 

Bofuri is famous on social media. It is worth watching an anime show. It is not like regular drama & especially you can watch this anime with your family.

 Bofuri has a fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Reddit also.

Facebook page: 

Instagram page:

Twitter page:

Reddit page:

The Panel list of Bofuri seasons 1 & 2: 

It will be unfair if we don’t mention the names of the people who work hard to make the Bofuri anime show. 

This amazing anime series is directed by Mirai Minato & Shin Oonuma along with Fumihiko Shimo’s composition. The beautiful characters are designed by Kazuya Hirata.

Which episode is the best of Bofuri season 1? 

Bofuri season 1 has 12 episodes & audiences gave their voting for each & every episode of this season after they watched the season. So, we have tried to show you which is the best episode in season 1 of Bofuri. 

        Episode Names:       Audience votings:
Episode-12: Defense & BondsEpisode 12 is the best episode according to the audience’s votes. The audience gave this episode 8.14 stars.
Episode-3: Defense & Reaching Second levelThe audience didn’t like the episode much. It got 7.22 stars. 


Bofuri anime presents the story of a girl along with her best friend, how they are obsessed with an online game. It shows how they win the battles & gradually grow up. 

Bofuri season 2 can be a good entertainment option for all aged people & as it is a comedy type show you can gather your family together & have a wonderful laugh with Maple & her best friend.

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