Black Clover Season 5 Release Date

The popular Japanese anime series Black Clover season 5 release date will be the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. Hopefully, you will get season 5 soon this year. 

Black Clover is an adventure anime series. If you are a lover of adventure worlds, then the series will be more interesting for you. Moreover, the series will show you a fantastic world.

Stay in touch with us to know about the upcoming new season of Black Clover. 

Black Clover season 5 release date 

The release date of Black Clover season 5 is not confirmed yet. But here is some good news for you you will know about the untold facts of season 5 throughout the article. 

So, let’s start to read the article. 

The background of Black Clover 

The writer and illustrator of the Black Clover series is Yuki Tabata. In fact, the series has been released in various versions such as novels, original animation DVDs, anime television series, manga, and a game. 

Tatsuya Yoshihara is the director of the series. The anime television is written by 

Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. In addition, Shueisha is the publisher of the series. 

The character and cast of Black Clover 

Character Voice artist
AstaGakuto Kajiwara
Yuno GrinberryallNobunaga Shimazaki
Noelle Silva Kana Yuki 
LiebeNobuhiko Okamoto
Wizard King Syu Hikari
Julius NovachronoToshiyuki Morikawa
Marx FrancoisYoshitaka Yamaya 
Owen Eiichiro Tokumoto 
Yami SukehiroJunichi Suwabe
Finral RoulacaseJun Fukuyama

Black Clover season 1 and 2 release date

Black Clover season 1 release date was October 3, 2017. The last aired date of the season is September 25, 2018. Surprisingly, the total number of episodes of season 51. 

Season 2 of the series has 51 episodes. The release date of the season was October 2, 2018.

What was the story of season 1?

Black Clover was the story about Asta and Yuno. One day, they left a church. Besides the church, there was a magical world which was called the Clover Kingdom. 

Yuno had some magical powers and abilities by birth. But Asta had anti-magic powers. For this, he could run the powerful weapon. 

They wanted to be a powerful wizard king of the kingdom. For this, they had to face several strongest enemies. Their journey against these enemies was covered in season 1. 

What happened in season 2 of Black Clover 

In season 2, Asta and the other Magic Knights tried to save the Clover kingdom from several threats and enemies. Eye of the Midnight Sun was one of them. Because he wanted to have the precious stone called Seabed Temple’s Eye. 

Asta and his friends wanted to save the stone. For this, they faced lots of challenges. Moreover, the leader of Eye of the Midnight wanted to destroy the Clover Kingdom. 

Black Clover season 3 and 4 release date  

Season 3 of the series was released on October 1, 2019. In addition, season 3 has a total of 52 episodes. 

On the other hand, Season 4 of the series was released on December 8, 2020. It has a total of 16 episodes. 

What was the storyline of season 3 

In Black Clover season 3, Asta and the Black Bulls faced many battles. At that time, they did hard work to carry on their mission to save the Clover Kingdom. 

On the battlefield, the Heart Kingdom helped them. Moreover, Asta and Yuno got to know about their past. After that, they realized that they had a relationship with the devils. 

What happened in season 4 of Black Clover 

The storyline of Black Clover season 4 was the fight against the Dark Triad. They were the Spade Kingdom that wanted to rule the Clover Kingdom. 

To stop the powerful mages and demons of the Dark Triad, Asta and other magic knights worked together. 

What will be the estimated story of season 5?

The anime community of the series will continue the story from where season 4 left off. Season 5 will show the adventurer and fantasy theme in a different way.  

You will see the main protagonists of the series Asta and Yuno in season 5. Besides, the other characters of the series will be shown in the new season. They will fight against the antagonists to save the Clover Kingdom. 

Is there any trailer for season 5

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for Black Clover season 5 on Youtube. The anime community has not released the official trailer yet. 

The Black Clover season 5 trailer will arrive soon. So, keep your eyes on the social media of the series. 

The popularity and profitability of  Black Clover

The sales ratio of the series is very high because of its immense popularity. Volumes 1-5 are very popular. As a result, those volumes obtain a great place. 

In 2022, the copies of the series had more than 18 million. In fact, the series is the best-selling series. 

How can you understand that Black Clover season 5 will come

Getting a new season release depends on many things. If the anime series doesn’t go well, then the anime community will not think about the new season. The second reason can be not having enough fans and followers. 

But The Black Clover is a commercially successful anime series. Lots of fans and followers are waiting for the new season of the series. 

As a result, Black Clover will come with season 5 for sure to make it more successful. 

Will Black Clover season 5 be popular?

As Black Clover has crazy fans and followers, it must be popular after release. The viewing rate of the series is very high. 

Moreover, the series has so many positive reviews. For this, Black Clover season 5 will be famous without any doubt. 

Social media popularity of Black Clover 

The Facebook name of the Black Clover series is Black Clover which has a total of 1643733 followers. Moreover, it has an Instagram account named Blackclover. It contains 555k followers. 

Black Clover is very famous on Twitter. The name of its Twitter is BLACK CLOVER EN. Additionally, it has a total of 549.9k followers. 

Facebook: (1) Black Clover | Facebook

Instagram: Black Clover EN (@blackclover) • Instagram photos and videos


Award and recognition 

The Black Clover series got 9th place in the Next Manga Award. In 2016, it got 3rd position in Nationwide Bookstore Employees. 

The manga story of the series is the best new series of the year for young readers. Besides, it is the most viewed anime series on Crunchyroll. 


The series Black Clover is rated a name which is PG. Also, the meaning of PG is parental guidance because of its acceptance for all ages. 

The rating of the series is very high. IMDB, it has an 8.3 rating out of 10. In addition, the series got an 8.1 rating out of 10 on 


The fans of the Black Clover series are very crazy about the Black Clover season 5 release date. Because the soundtrack of the series is outstanding. Moreover, it is a fantastic series for its action-packed storyline. 

So, I highly recommend you watch the new season of Black Clover after its release. Black Clover season 5 will never disappoint you. 

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