Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date 2022

The action dark fantasy animation series is great for enjoying an animation world. We lose ourselves when we watch a post-apocalyptic animated series. Hence, all we know of the king series of the animation world is Attack On Titan. 

Now, the exciting news for die heart fans of Attack On Titan is that season 5 will be released in 2023. For knowing the exact Attack On Titan season 5 release date, wait a little bit. 

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Attack On Titan season 5 release date 

Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date

The animated series Attack On Titan will end with this season 5. This anime series is based on the Japanese manga series Attack On Titan. 

Hajime Isayama wrote and illustrated this manga series. And the director Tetsuro Araki directed this series. Also, this dark fantasy anime series is produced by Wit Studio. 

Yuichiro Hayashi and the chief director Jun Shishido were included in the final season. The designer of every character was Tomohiro Kishi and the scriptwriter was Hiroshi Seko. The duration of every episode was approximately 120 minutes. 

This article must be very enjoyable for the fans of Attack On Titan. So, don’t be late, let’s dig deep into this content. 

The Release Date Of Attack On Titan Season 1 

Season 1 had 25 episodes. The first part of season 1 had 13 episodes and the 2nd part had 12 episodes. The first episode was released on April 7, 2013. In June 2013, 13 episodes were aired. 

The 2nd part of 12 episodes was released on July 14, 2013. Moreover, the last episode of season 1 was published on September 29, 2013.

In this season, the human being was worried about the Titans who lived behind in the gigantic Wall Maria. Titans were giant humanoid creations that ate humans. 

What Happened In The First Part Of Season 1 

Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of Attack On Titan. He lived in a Shiganshina District with his family in the first episode of season 1. The second protagonist, Mikasa Ackerman entered this episode. 

In episode 2, Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager were children. Eren, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin joined the military. In episodes 3 and 4, Mikasa Ackerman and Eren tried to learn fighting skills from 104th Training Corps. 

In the first part of season 2, they gathered several skills for fighting with Titans. In episodes 5 to 12, Army, police, and 104th training members such as Eren, and Mikasa tried to save Trost District. 

Levi allowed Eren to join his Squad under his command at the end of this part. 

What Happened In 2nd Part Of Season 1 

After watching 13 episodes, fans would understand the whole theme of the first part of season 1. Eren faced lots of problems with his Titan powers. 

Levi and his Special Operation Squad fetched Eren to Scout Regiment Headquarters. From here, Eren will learn how to control the Titans’ power. In episodes 17 to 22,  they tried to handle exterior scouting missions. 

In this part of season 2, a tragic disaster happened which was the Fall Of Maria. After that, Titans entered the human world. Surprisingly, Eren discovered that he had tremendous power over Titans. 

The Release Date Of Seasons 2 And 3

12 episodes were enlisted in Attack On Titan season 2. The first episode of season 2 was published on April 1, 2017. 

The last episode of season 2 was released on June 17, 2017. 

Attack On Titan season 3 has around 2 parts. The first part contained 12 episodes and the 2nd part contained 10 episodes. 

The released date was on July 23, 2018. In 2019 on 1 July, the last episode of season 3 was released. 

What Happened In Season 2 

The title of 1st episode of season 2 was Breast Titan. The fictional characters Hange Joe, Pastor Nick, Erwin Smith, and Miche Zacharius found out about the Breast Titan form. 

In episode 2, the Scout Regiment Depart tried to deal with Titans. Meanwhile, Christa Lenz and Ymir were illustrated in episode 2. 

Hange taught Eren Yeager for sealing the breach in the Shiganshina District. After that, close combat had been created in episode 8. On the battlefield, Eren and Armored Titan engaged. 

In this series, the Survey Corps revealed some mysterious stories of Titans and reeled from the aftermath of battle. 

What Were The Changes In Season 3 Part 1

In season 3, Eren Yeager tested Titan’s abilities. Also, the Scouts thought that the government would destroy their operation. The Scout focused on Historia and Eren rather than Titans in episode 2. 

Erwin and Historia searched their past for any clues in episode 3. Historia was the heir of the Reiss clan. The old stories of Historia were described in episode 4. 

Erwin unsuccessfully put to reclaim the Wall Of Maria. Suddenly, news arrived, that Wall Rose had been breached by Titans. Wall Sina wanted to give shelter but Wall Rose refused their proposal.

Historia wanted to become a Founding Titan. Frieda and Eren were the inheritors of Founding Titans. 

The Last Few Episodes Of Season 3 Part 1 

In this part, the names of the heir of Titans were revealed. In fact, they realized Titan’s power and abilities. 

The Beast Titan defeated Reiner in episode 10. Then he said they lived in Bertholdt. 

Hange could not apply to his body Titans serum’s formula. At the end of this series, Bertholt and Reiner stood as a guard on Wall Maria. 

What Was The Interesting Story Of Season 3 Part 2? 

In the first season of part 2, the Survey Corps was trapped by Titans and  Beast Titans. 

Titans used thunder spears’ abilities very badly. In contrast, Levi and Armin tried to defeat the beast Titans. After that, Eren transformed himself into a Titan form. 

The colossal Titans tried to destroy Shiganshina. After that, Eren tried to stop Colossal Titans. 

In episode 17, Erwin was wounded very badly by Beast Titan. Meanwhile, Armin noticed that the Colossal Titan was immobile and gave details about this Titan to Eren. 

Finally, they defend Shiganshina District from several titans such as Beast, Colossal and Armored Titans at the end of this season. 

Were There Any Changes In The Cast Of Attack On Titan Season 3 

If we look up the sources of materials, then we can identify that the characters of Attack On Titan did not change so much. But very few changes in the main character were noticeable. 

Eren Yeager gradually increased his powers and abilities. After a certain moment, he became a Titan. Also, he was the owner of several Titans forms. On the other hand, the rest of the characters were the same. 

The Main Theme Of Season 4 Part 1 

Season 4 was released on December 7, 2020. In Paradis Island, there was a war between Marley and Mid-East Allied Forces. Zeke Yeager, the stepbrother of Eren, prepared to attack Paradis Island in Attack On Titan season 4. 

Reiner thought she was cursed for being an Eldian. In the military training, candidates were selected to become Titan. 

Attack On Titan season 4 was fully based on war. The declaration of war and the war hammer Titan began. In the war hammer Titan, Mikasa Ackerman arrived as a leader of the Survey corps. 

Eren’s Attack Titan form destroyed the Marleyan scout ship. Volunteers played a vital role in saving their country. 

Zeke wanted to negotiate with Paradis Island. Unfortunately, negotiations did not happen. 

The Last Theme Of Season 4 Part 1 

Gabi escaped with Falco into a forest. After that, they found a girl, Kaya. Her village was destroyed by Titans. Sadly a Titan ate her mother alive. 

In episode 12, Paradis’ military had lost public trust because of Eren’s unjust imprisonment. On the other hand, the Survey Corps wanted to take Eren’s Founding Titan form. 

“Children of the forest” was the title of episode 13. The end of this episode, Eren met with Mikasa, Armin and Gabi. 

Every Titan had a memory that was related to his previous owner. Eren told everyone that he did everything of his own free will. 

Eren’s stepbrother Zeke Yeager was treated very strictly by his parents Dina and Grisha.

Eren supported Zeke’s plan. Levi Ackerman and Zeke were in an explosion by Levi’s thunder spears. 

What Were The Main Changes Of Season 4 Part 2

In the first episode of part 2, Levi and Zeke were both wounded by this explanation. Somehow, Levi was capable to escape with Hange. 

After that next episode, the Survey corps decided to help Eren. but Mikasa was very doubtful about Eren’s motive. 

The Jaw Titan came in episode 19. At a moment, Zeke noticed that Ymir only obeyed his rules. In contrast, Eren refused to follow Zeke’s plan. Zeke showed his money in episode 20 whose title was the memory of the future. 

Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan form was killed by his lover Mikasa Ackerman at the end of this season. 

Is Attack On Titan Season 4 Reward Or Canceled?

Attack On Titan season 4 is definitely rewarding. Since the release of season 4, it is the best-viewed animation series in the animation world. 

Every fan of Attack On Titan loves to watch season 4 due to its new twist. Moreover, fans are crazy for the characters of Attack On Titan. They got a huge crush on each character.

When Will Be The Attack On Titan Season be Released? 

The last season of Attack On Titan will be season 5. Everyone is guessing that season 5 will be more enjoyable. Attack On Titan Season Release date can be 2023. 

Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date


The IMDb rating of this series is 9.1 out of 10 which is excellent. The Attack On Titan series caught 91% of the audience who loves this animation series. 

It is a commercially successful animation series. Currently, it is a best-selling manga series. 

Awards and Nominations

Attack On Titan has obtained several awards and nominations. Many voice actors have received several awards and nominations for their marvelous voices. 

This animation series has received Anime Of The Year, Best Antagonist, Best VA Performance, and Best Opening awards. 

This series was nominated for Best Protagonist, Best Fight Scenes, Best Director, etc. 

Social media popularity 

Attack On Titan has gained a massive fanbase on social media. In addition, Attack On Titan has a Facebook Page which obtains 2.6M likes and 2.9M people follow this page. 

The Instagram account of Attack On Titan has 665k followers. Moreover, this anime series contains 411.5k followers on Twitter. 





Is the 4 season of Attack On Titan the last season? 

Answer: No, season 5 will be the last season. 

What happened with Eren to the end?

Answer: Mikasa killed Eren’s founding Titan Form. 

How many Titans are in Attack On Titan? 

Answer: There is nine Titans form. 

How old is Eren in the last season? 

Answer: Eren was 19 years old. 

Is Levi a Titan shifter?

Answer: Levi never transformed himself into a Titan. 


Attack On Titan gave us a lesson about humanity, empathy, and loyalty. Morality is the most important subject for living which has been illustrated in this anime series beautifully. Every character of Attack On Titan would teach something.

Keep an eye on the Attack On Titan season 5 release date. I must say, you fell in love with our protagonist who became the antagonist later. You will see the actual destination of the rest of the characters. 

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