Are Levi and Mikasa siblings?

In the world-famous animation series Attack On Titan, the most important clan was Ackerman. Hence, Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman were heirs of the Ackerman clan. 

In this article, we will talk about the most talked query of Attack On Titan ‘’are Levi and Mikasa siblings?’’

Actually, Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman were not siblings. Rather, Levi and Mikasa were distant cousins. 

Are Levi and Mikasa siblings

Are Levi and Mikasa siblings 

Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman had mysterious facts between them for their clan. Now, you are going to explore numerous untold facts about the famous characters Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman.

Were they really siblings? You will find out this answer via this article. 

For this, stay connected with us till the end! 

Ackerman clan

The Ackerman family was an Eldian family. They were the protector of Eldia’s king. In fact, Ackerman had a warrior bloodline. 

Ackerman was very powerful. They had awakened power. As a result, they could apply Titan’s power without becoming a Titan. 

If someone belonged to the Ackerman clan, they would get this power automatically. 

Who was Levi Ackerman 

Levi Ackerman was the captain of the Survey Corps. In addition, he was the leader of the Special Operation  Squad. 

Levi Ackerman was the strongest soldier in the Corps and Squad. He was very expert at vertical Maneuvering equipment. 

Who was Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa was the second leading character in this series. She was an officer of the 104th Training Corps. Also, she was a member of the Survey Corps. 

Mikasa was a very powerful soldier in the Corps. In contrast, she was very kind-hearted. She had great humanity. 

Levi Ackerman’s parents 

The name of Levi Ackerman’s mother was Kuchel Ackerman. Kuchel Ackerman was a prostitute. Levi Ackerman was the son of one of her clients. 

When Levi was young, his mother died. After that, he was raised by his uncle, Kenny Ackerman. Kenny was his mother’s brother. 

Mikasa Ackerman’s parents

Mikasa Ackerman was the daughter of Ackerman. Mikasa’s father was the bloodline of the Ackerman clan. 

Her mother was a woman who belonged to Asian heritage. Also, her mother was a very kind and loving woman. Mikasa Ackerman’s family lived in a forest. 

Why were they not siblings?  

The parents of Mikasa Ackerman and Levi Ackerman were not the same. In fact, they did not belong to the same family. But Mikasa’s father, Ackerman, was related to Levi Ackerman’s mother. 

Ackerman might be Kuchel and Kenny’s uncle. Kuchel Ackerman and Kenny’s Ackerman grandfather would have more than one or two sons. One of them would be Mikasa Ackerman’s father. 

How did Mikasa identify Levi as her cousin?

Once, Mikasa and Levi had a conversation about the Ackerman clan. At that moment, Levi said to Mikasa, ‘have you ever felt any great strength?’ 

Then, Mikasa said she felt the power sometimes. Also, he added that he and his uncle, Kenny Ackerman felt the same power. At that time, Mikasa realized that Levi Ackerman was her cousin.  


Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman both had a great sense of humor. In fact, they had no arrogance despite being so strong. 

As Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman’s fans, you have definitely enjoyed this article, are Levi and Mikasa siblings. Be with us for exploring more facts about the series Attack On Titan. 

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