Are Eren And Mikasa Siblings?

All fans of Attack On Titan are may be confused about the relationship between Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. If you are in this folk, then you may think about this query: are Eren and Mikasa siblings? 

Well, in this animation series, Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager were not siblings. In reality, Eren and Mikasa loved each other deeply since their childhood. 

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Are Eren And Mikasa Siblings?

Are Eren and Mikasa siblings

The relationship between Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman was very confusing. 

They loved each other but they were not in a relationship. In fact, they were not relatives. 

So, let’s see what happened between Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.  

Who was Eren Yeager 

The main leading character of Attack On Titan who became an antagonist in the end of this manga series was Eren Yeager. Eren Yeager was very powerful as well as the strongest soldier in 104th Training Corps. 

Eren was a potential member of the Survey Corps. He had tremendous powers and abilities. In fact, he was the inheritor of the Titan form, Attack Titan form, Founding Titan Form, and so on. 

Eren got the abilities of Titan from his father, Grisha Yeager. In addition, he was very skillful in martial arts. Also, he gained a lot of knowledge about equipment. 

Who was Mikasa Ackerman 

Mikasa Ackerman was an officer of the 104th Training Corps. Also, she was a member of the Special Survey Corps. At the same time, she was the strongest soldier in this anime series. 

Mikasa Ackerman was a very beautiful girl. She had pale skin with gray eyes. In fact, Mikasa loved to lead a peaceful life. 

How did Eren know Mikasa Ackerman

Eren knew Mikasa since his childhood. An incident happened with Mikasa when she was nine years old. 

Mikasa’s parents were killed by three robbers. Sadly, three robbers kidnapped Mikasa Ackerman. At that time, Eren was nine years old. 

Later, Eren Yeager killed two kidnappers and saved Mikasa’s life. After that, Mikasa Ackerman started living with Eren and his family. Eren’s parents adored Mikasa a lot. 

How was Eren’s feeling towards Mikasa 

Eren’s feelings for Mikasa were very strong. In fact, he thought that Mikasa would fall into danger without him. 

Eren secretly loved Mikasa Ackerman. He did not see her as his sister. Indeed, Eren liked Mikasa Ackerman when he was nine years old. 

Did Mikasa love Eren? 

Mikasa knew very well that Eren was her protector. In addition, Mikasa Ackerman had deep feelings for Eren Yeager. 

Mikasa saw Eren Yeager in a romantic way. In the end of this anime series, Mikasa expressed his feelings toward Eren. 


Eren could not tolerate any other boy with Mikasa. Surprisingly, Eren Yeager sacrificed his life for Mikasa. In this animation series, their love for each other would never end. But sadly, they were not in a relationship.  

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